Summer break’s around the corner and in case you’ve been wondering about the top beach bag essentials, gentlemen, this article is just right for you!

Tip no. 1: The Bag

Have a waterproof or strong fabric bag, which can come in the shape of a sweet tote or a regular, fitting beach bag.

Tip no. 2: The Swimsuit

It’s best to always have two of these, in case something happens, don’t be caught in a difficult situation, make the best of it!

Tip no. 3: Sunblock

Depending on your skin tone, you should choose a type of sunblock that is easy to apply and efficient for you. 50 SPF is ideal for pale and sensitive skin, whereas 20-30 SPF is good for normal, olive and dark skin. Apply evenly to the entire surface of the skin and don’t forget to reapply after coming in contact with water or in the event of perspiration.

Tip no. 4: Hat

Always wear some sort of hat or cap during the late morning hours, when the sun shines strongest. This will stop insolation, as well as preventing your hair from losing its moisture or having the color fade.

Tip no. 5: Bring something to read

Whether it’s a comic, a novel or a magazine, remember to bring something to peruse over as you sunbathe in the loving embrace of summer.

Tip no.6: Summer tunes

Or maybe the reading material isn’t for you? Then bring your iPod or a portable radio, if you’re not shy from sharing those jazzy tunes with others!

Tip no.7: Sunglasses

They protect the delicate area around the eyes, therefore it’s very important to always carry a pair, so as to stop the formation of wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Tip no. 8: Water

Keep hydrated! Bring a large bottle of water or lemonade. Avoid soda, coffee and other processed drinks, as these are all empty calories and will not do you any good.

Tip no. 9: Snacks

Try healthy snacks like fruit and salads, which offer you a great variety of nutrients and hydrate you, as they contain great levels of water. Stay in top shape and feel wonderful, avoiding junk food and other preservative-filled, processed foods and drinks!

Tip no.10: Beach Blanket

Add this to your list, along with a towel or two, for your hair and body.

Tip no.11: Flip Flops

Flip flops or beach sandals should never be omitted from the list! They are of great use around the beach or when going to a nearby open bar for a drink or snack.

Last, but not least, don’t forget your smile and enthusiasm! Make the most of this summer and enjoy every moment of it!