Hi ladies and all you chic and beauty lovers! I am actually anxious and a tad nervous to start my own beauty blog, but everything has to begin somewhere, so hope you will find mine quite helpful and pleasant.

A little bit about myself…I am Aileen, I am still a student but I have been lucky enough to be born in an amazing city that taught me so much and gave me the opportunity to absorb every positive thing about it. Now let’s move on to my passion for, well…everything chic, glamour, special, interesting beauty, fashion, art and so on, in simpler words, anything that makes us girls feel special and good about ourselves.

I choose to write about my passions, things I love, bought and enjoyed and experiences that I simply need to share with you for their advantages and benefits. I decided to start blogging after I saw a lot of youtube videos and channels that I found very helpful and informative, and since I must admit I have a little obsession with beauty products, skin care products and a healthy, balanced lifestyle, not to mention everything that has to do with the word “Chic” I decided to go through with this. Plus, my friends also suggested I’d do a blog, so here goes my brand new, exciting and fab ChicBlog, just for you!

Questions and inquiries are more than welcome!

You can always contact me via email ( info [at] chicblog.co.uk ) or directly in the contact page

Yours truly,