Ensuring proper care during the cold season is mandatory for having flawless skin, hair and nails. The shifts in temperature, the increasing persistence of the wind, etc. are hazardous for our skin and hair. Make sure you carefully read the following steps in order to prevent any unpleasant situations and make fall your ally instead of your enemy!

  1. Hair

Hair requires special care and attention. Remember to use a proper shampoo and conditioner, depending on its type and needs (e.g. curly/frizzy, color-treated, dry, damaged, etc.) and to purchase a hair mask (or you may DIY) to use once a week for moisturizing your hair. Serums meant for dry ends are to be used every two days or whenever the ends of the hair are visibly dehydrated. Avoid using too many hot tools (e.g. flat iron, etc.) and try washing your hair with cooler water. Leave-in conditioners work wonders in the event that you forget to use a conditioner/mask and are many times enriched with important nutrients, vitamins and keratin. Before the cold season commences, have a haircut to take away all the dry, brittle hairs damaged by the chlorinated water and the summer sun.

  1. Skin

During the colder months the skin needs a regular moisturizing routine in order to prevent it against dehydration. The harsh wind and the sudden shifts in temperatures attack the structure of the skin, making it sensitive, easily irritated and dry. Day creams enriched with SPF 15 and night creams enhanced with essential oils (e.g. castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, etc.) work their way deep into the skin through a delicate massage. Keep in mind to always prep the skin by washing it with a delicate cleanser and pat it dry with a towel or let it air-dry.

  1. Lips

Take care of your lips by using a shea butter or beeswax based lip balm and use a natural scrub to exfoliate them once a week to prevent chapping. The list of natural ingredients used as scrubs are brown sugar, ground coffee, salt, etc. By adding essential oils such as peppermint, vanilla, coconut and lemon or cocoa, you can prepare delicious, nutritive mixtures for your lips; all natural!

  1. Hands and Nails

A good, rich and restorative hand and nails cream is to be packed right away in your handbag whilst another one put next to your hand soap in the bathroom. The reason for this is that the cold attacks the hands straight away, as they are constantly exposed, thus being able to suffer from dryness. The cold air makes nails brittle and the delicate skin of the hands dry, flaky and chapped. File nails once a week to avoid any breakage and massage the hands with essential oils or hand cream at least once a day.