In case you’ve ever ran out of ideas of fun hairstyles, here’s a list of some of the funkiest hairdos you can try right away!

  1. Messy, Grungy Ponytail 

hairstyle 1This look is super easy to create and quite a savior for those “bad hair days”! Rag & Bone and Donna Karan tried out many different messy, artsy ponytails and buns of which we’ve grown very fond of! To achieve the look, you need either a hair brush or a comb, styling spray and a hair tie. Begin by sectioning the hair and teasing it. After doing so, gather the sections together in a ponytail (high or low, depending on your taste) and arrange it in such a way that it is both voluminous and messy. Tip: For achieving the funky look, try crimping a section and spray some temporary color hair spray. You can even add a piece of fabric or a fun string around the hair tie or you may fasten it in your hair with a bobby pin. Don’t forget to add a hint of hairspray when you’re done and you’re good to go.



hairstyle 2

  1. Retro Look

This hairstyle looks very stylish, although it requires not much effort to make! Reminiscent of the 20’s, the retro look has long been fancied by hairstylists and women as being daring, feminine and sexy. For getting the look, you need to prep your dry hair with a strong-hold hairspray, such as Paul Mitchell’s Freeze and Shine Super Spray or Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. Part your hair diagonally and start by making big, soft curls with a curling iron of your choice. Place the fringe on one side of the forehead, while you twist the hair all the way to the back, where you secure it with bobby pins. Tip: You can leave some curls hanging loosely on the sides, as they will delicately frame your face, adding a soft touch. Another thing you can do is add a flower hair clip, which will emphasize this feminine look! Once you’re done, pulverize a bit of light hairspray.


  1. Mid-length Blonde Hair

Usinghairstyle 3 a hair serum or oil treatment for smooth and silky hair, blow dry your damp hair while brushing it to add some extra volume. Part the hair in the ce

nter and let it fall across your face. You may softly curl it with a curling or flat iron, both work great for a natural look.

Tip: You can twist damp hair, gather it in small buns at the top of your head and let it dry overnight. This effortless technique requires no heat and can in no way damage your hair. Why we love it? Because it’s simple, quick and highlights your natural beauty!



  1. Lovely Curled Bobhairstyle 4

This hairstyle is just adorable for short hair! It gives volume to the regular bob and adds some playfulness to the plain straight bob. On damp hair, use a curl-defining or curl-enhancer product, like Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue or Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier. To achieve this romantic look and get extra volume, flip your hair over, while drying it and gently pull the roots of the hair through your fingers to assure that streaks of hair don’t stick together. Once finished, part your hair into several sections and wrap them around your curling iron. Remember to let the curl fall down slowly as you take it out from the curling iron. When all of your curls are done, add a bit of hairspray for extra hold!


These hairstyles are easy to make and fun to wear throughout summer. They shed a bunch of years off and look stylish, although they’re effortless to make!