All the information you need about the Atkins diet is found in the book that Dr. Robert C Atkins originally wrote in 1972. It is complex, very helpful for both men and women, and it has been modified along the years. The low-carbohydrate Atkins diet is recommended firstly for weight loss, but it also helps purify your body and most importantly, it releases you of the unnecessary stress.

It’s not imperative to avoid eating protein and fat foods, as studies made in the past few years have shown that low-carb diets are not only effective for weight loss, but after following this diet strictly, you will observe improvements in your health. The explanation is simple: if you eat more proteins you lose your appetite slowly, without being aware of the fact, therefore reducing the number of calories that your body is used to.

The Atkins diet for men is actually a smart way to lose weight, practically not having to give up on certain aliments that you love very much. It has a smart plan that you have to follow carefully if you want to be healthy and thin. There are though some food that you have to avoid such as sugar, grains, high-carb vegetables, fruit and healthy foods that you should base your diet around such as meats, eggs, nuts, seeds, low-carb vegetables.

During the Atkins diet you could pamper yourself from time to time by eating bacon, cheese and dark chocolate and drinking coffee and green tea, but water should be the main beverage. For vegetarians it would be a little more difficult, but they could consume soy-based foods, olive oil and coconut oil. As snacks between meals you can consume Greek yogurt, seeds, nuts, baby carrots, berries, cheese.

There are of course plenty of diets that men are trying constantly in order to lose weight, with high hopes that they will be more confident, healthier and positive. It is highly recommended because of the satisfying fact that you can eat foods that other diets don’t allow you to. So check out all the information in the link and don’t forget to leave a feedback.