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Non-Surgical Breast Lift

Performance Bust Body Lifter is a product designed by ATACHE for a natural bust increase body lift. The highly-effective properties of the serum offer a great alternative to breast augmentation surgery, being a much cheaper and healthier method of increasing breast size. By choosing to use the revolutionary products of ATACHE’s corporal care line for enhancing a natural, immediate lift you avoid complications and other concerns resulted from medical procedures.

Immediate Skin Lift with ULTRA LIFT Hannibal Laguna

ATACHE’s skin lift therapy Ultra Lift Hannibal Laguna cream reduces expression lines and wrinkles with an innovative formula designed especially for facial contouring and skin rejuvenation. The anti-ageing and antioxidant properties present in the professional cosmetic line’s product offer the eye and facial skin rejuvenation and immediate wrinkle reduction with shock results. The cream’s skin rejuvenation solution, utilized and commercialized by the Renew Skin and Health Clinic tightens the skin

Body Sculpture and Toning Treatment

Model Fit Body Lifter by ATACHE is a highly-effective body reshaping cream containing a specially-designed formula based on Arabica Coffee Seed Oil. The gel-cream tones the skin and improves the drooping, problematic areas. The active ingredients help the skin regain its elasticity, making it firmer and softer to the touch. The complete body skin revitalizing treatment can be applied several times a day, massaging the cream until it is fully

Double Chin and Neck Skin Tightening Treatment

The solution against the first signs of skin ageing and tissue damage is offered by the professional cosmetic line ATACHE. The double chin skin lift solution aims to rejuvenate the skin and helps it regain its elasticity. The loss of collagen, the advanced age, the harmful effects of UV light and free radicals dramatically affect the aspect of the neck’s skin. The home skin lift therapy cream Performance Neck Solution,

Body Exfoliation Cream

The professional body moisturizers by ATACHE, Light Skin and Pure Silk from their Corporal Care line of cosmetics contain active ingredients that are able to efficiently restore the skin’s natural elasticity. The complete body skin revitalizing treatment recommended by Renew Skin & Health Clinic works well on all skin types. During shower, use Light Skin for a gentle wash, as the bath gel contains Jojoba particles for a delicate skin

Expression Wrinkles and Lines Removal at Home

C-Vital Therapy pertains to the scientific cosmetic line ATACHE. Comprised of a powerful, long-lasting skin lift serum, the C-Vital cosmetic line contains an essential formula which aims to prevent premature ageing, offering immediate wrinkle reduction. The eye contour cream rich in antioxidants confers the eye skin rejuvenation, luminosity and elasticity. The specially designed eye contour cream is recommended in the treatment of expression lines and wrinkles. Signs of fatigue are

Best cordless flat irons

Whether you are planning this summer to spend your vacation on a beach, go sightseeing or just enjoy good music at a summer festival, you should not forget about the essential kit tool bag, supplied with all the necessary beauty tools for a good look, no matter the weather or other circumstances. Usually when I plan a trip or a vacation I make sure to include in my kit tool

How to Start the Day with an Empowering Boost

Have you ever wondered how does your neighbour or best friend manage to stay so radiant? Or perhaps you’ve been questioning the root of your dissatisfaction or boredom. Whichever the case, reality and the state of things are shaped by your thoughts, beliefs and stance. The way you perceive things and you act, dramatically affects the state of your life. The surrounding environment is also responsible for both success and

Do You Drink Enough Water?

Dehydration or improper intake of water is known to wreak havoc within the body, bringing forth a series of health problems. Several symptoms are crucial in assessing whether or not our body is depleted of our most important source of wellbeing and hydration; symptoms which will be analyzed in the following lines. Alcoholic beverages, coffee and soda impede proper hydration with diuretic properties, high sugar amount and preservatives. H2O is

Energizing Foods for your Body and Mind

Energizing foods or popularly referred to as “super foods” are capable of offering your body the right amount of nutritious elements and even alleviate some medical conditions. Many are famous due to their cancer-fighting properties or ability to prevent and treat Alzheimer disease. Unlike other types of foods, the ones we’re remembering here have a much greater nutritional value than the others. An essential step in becoming healthier is making