Short introduction/description: Fall, the “Harvest” season is more than just cold days, rain and routine! Enjoy its fairytale-like appearance and its fabulous designs in matters of fashion and make-up!

Although fall predicts the fun and the winter holidays and it is quite enticing with its lovely rug of golden, crimson leaves, these aspects may not please everybody. The reason may be the decreasing temperatures, going all the way down to 57 degrees, the ending of summer break, going back to one’s old routines (job, school), etc. Fall is not actually that depressing altogether, as many things about it are fascinating and appealing! This article is meant to highlight those things about fall that bring us joy, seeking to throw us back into enthusiasm in no-time!

  1. Re-invent yourself

Being a fashionista or just a regular, chic girl can make you easily fall into boredom with your old wardrobe. Fall gives you the opportunity to indulge into new, bold colors, trying out different patterns and interesting designs! Whether it’s sweatshirts, boots, fun scarves and foulards, fall is the best season to sport them all!

  1. Less sweating

This is quite of an embarrassing topic, but hey – it happens to all of us! Summer nights are often too hot and many people find themselves dealing with insomnia and other sleeping problems. During the fall season temperatures drop down significantly, thus the evenings and nights become cooler. With such spectacular changes it is ideal to take out your favorite blanket and cuddly pajamas for sleeping sound after having eaten your favorite comfort food!

  1. Windows Live

Quite the euphemism, but have you seen the majestic fall foliage? Throughout October and November you may marvel at the beautiful rug of leaves and enjoy the cool autumnal breeze.

  1. Being a foodie

Mmm! And I’m not just talking about Thanksgiving! Fall isn’t known as the “Harvest” season for nothing! Pumpkin or apple pies, apple cider, butternut squash, chicken pot pie, etc. are all delicacies you MUST try, if you haven’t already!

  1. Halloween

Sure, maybe we’re not going to Trick or Treat anymore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have amazing themed parties with our friends, families and co-workers! Whether you plan ahead or accept someone’s invitation, make the most of this Halloween and share your costumes on Instagram for everyone to see!

  1. No Shave November

The renowned event seeking to grow awareness by embracing our hair and being comfortable in our own skin, “Movember” is a fun, annual event meant for the brave ones to try (amateurs, don’t be scared!).

  1. Thanksgiving

The one moment when you can celebrate togetherness in unison: Thanksgiving. The whole family gathers around the table filled with delicious dishes on the fourth Thursday of November, each year.

No, autumn is not a “fall” per se. It’s more than that; it is colour, revival, awareness, love and a moment to rejoice.