Layering Fashion This Fall

Oh, don’t you just love street chic? Personally, I adore it! Sitting relaxed in a café and enjoying my shake or crisp salad and admiring the passersby. Fall is especially my favorite season to do this “chic spying”, as it’s such a pleasant, familiar and cool season. I’ve noticed all kinds of outfits during the months of September throughout November. However the one element I have remarked in each and

5-Day Body Cleanse

Our bodies were built to naturally eliminate pollutants and toxins we come in contact with, however, given the hectic lives that we now live and the many dangers that lurk around us, this ability of naturally detoxification has become significantly weak. Generations ago we could easily undergo this process and neutralize these toxins, eliminating them through the pores of our skin, our lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. But today, chemicals and

Top Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2015-2016

The Fall/Winter season of 2015-2016 looks promising through the bold, glamorous and romantic fashion trends of designers such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Louis Vuitton, Alexandra Wang, etc. The runway exposed jaw-dropping haute couture and precious garments, some easy to wear, some more intricate. Whichever the case, our eyes were captivated by the broad spectrum of colors and different impressive patterns.   Statement shoes are announcing the comeback of sexy

Eat Healthy This Fall

Stodgy, comfort foods are certainly a trait of this season, when most of us choose to stuff ourselves and binge on what primarily can be considered to be an unhealthy diet. With the accumulation of viruses and reversal of temperature, the body becomes increasingly weak, losing its vital nutrients. Thus, vulnerable, it yearns for the same invigorating, nourishing summer diet, if not even a better one; for combating everything that

Sock Hack for the Perfect Curls

Beauty gurus and renowned stylists suggest heatless methods for styling your hair. These, as opposed to the numerous other alternatives involving hot appliances, promote healthier, better looking hair. Nicole Skyes, of Bay Area, California came up with an ingenuous hack that involves absolutely no harmful chemicals or styling tools! This simple, inexpensive method requires a few, old or beat-up socks and a nourishing, leave-in conditioner or hair mousse. Begin by

Men’s Survival Kit During Fall

Whether it’s stocking up on cozy, warm sweaters or admiring the foliage, fall certainly has a huge list of To-Do things that should be analyzed thoroughly. Eating your favorite pumpkin pie or having the most delicious butternut squash and sweet potato soup can be a great way to keep warm and be well-nourished during the cold season, although there are far more things to bear in mind for September-November. Keep

Halloween Stitched Mouth Tutorial

Boohooohooooo! October 31st is just around the corner! Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is essentially an evening of horror movie marathons, trick or treating, carving pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns, binging on candy corn, having costume parties and fun activities such as apple bobbing. When people think Halloween, they think the following: scary, spooky, eerie, bizarre and gore! Creepy costumes and detailed, gruesome make-up ideas depicting rag dolls, Sally (Nightmare before Christmas),

Underarm Skin Lightening at Home

Pigmentation of the armpits skin area creates a widely discussed topic in the circles of women around the world. Highly distinguished dermatologist Jennifer Reichel states that there are several factors contributing to the formation of darker pigments in the underarms region. Acanthosis Nigricans (a medical skin condition characterized by areas of dark discoloration in the folds and creases of the body, e.g. armpits, nape, groin, etc.), reticular pigmented anomaly of

Great Fall Hair Care Tips for Men

The swift passing of summer announces the cold breeze of the Harvest season. During this period, numerous changes prevail. Some of us browse through their wardrobes for sweaters and warm layers; some check their bathrooms for chapsticks, skin lotions and prepare their beds with the proper bedding. Keeping warm may also imply purchasing wooly, long socks or getting an easy-to-use thermos (e.g. Klean Kanteen Out of all these necessities

Define Your Eyebrows!

Eyebrows have a great impact upon our overall appearance of the face, thus highlighting our eyes and gathering all the attention on our look. Different trends have been popularized throughout the years and various products have been commercialized for enhancing our most treasured brows! From the gels to the powders to the brow mascara, nothing stands as strong as the classic brow pencil! Now available in different tones and colors,