Great Fall Hair Care Tips for Men

The swift passing of summer announces the cold breeze of the Harvest season. During this period, numerous changes prevail. Some of us browse through their wardrobes for sweaters and warm layers; some check their bathrooms for chapsticks, skin lotions and prepare their beds with the proper bedding. Keeping warm may also imply purchasing wooly, long socks or getting an easy-to-use thermos (e.g. Klean Kanteen Out of all these necessities

Stunning Autumn Haircuts

Short introduction/description: The new 2015/2016 Fall Season brings us some healthier and more glamorous tendencies, specially meant to give you a nicer and younger look. The big fashion designers suggest us reconsidering the pixie and the angled bob haircut, as well as the “mermaid” waves, all of which represent the biggest trends this season. This fashion inclination to the classic time periods as the 60’s or the 90’s promotes healthy

Latest News on How to Correctly Use Hair Conditioner

By shampooing the hair regularly, one seeks to strip it of impurities, grime and flakes. However, even with such an attentive behaviour, the truth is that repeated shampooing, use of hair styling products and applying heat on a regular basis ends up drying the hair and removing its natural oils. By learning how to properly use a conditioner, you will easily prevent breakage and dehydration.   Step 1: Inventory Traditional

6 Steps You Should Skip When Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair everyday Possibly the worst thing you can do, as the hair is stripped of its natural oils. By leaving more time between washes, the nutrients and oils can spread from the scalp to the ends of the hair, making it silkier, softer and healthier! Frequent washing dehydrates the hair, leaving it brittle and dull. By shampooing it once or twice a week and using less hair products

Best cordless flat irons

Whether you are planning this summer to spend your vacation on a beach, go sightseeing or just enjoy good music at a summer festival, you should not forget about the essential kit tool bag, supplied with all the necessary beauty tools for a good look, no matter the weather or other circumstances. Usually when I plan a trip or a vacation I make sure to include in my kit tool

Hairstyling Hacks You Cannot Live Without

Not everybody is able to successfully attain a desired hairstyle. In fact, most women find it hard to make certain types of braids or achieve texture, shine and volume at the same time. Although many products are available on the market, sometimes tricks are required for attaining the best result and therefore a glamorous hairstyle. The following list will offer you several tips and hacks for everyday use. Don’t forget

How to Rock the New Granny Chic Look

The new Granny Chic look has been trending for some months now, replacing ombre hairstyles and lavender hair colors. Within this article we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most important steps in attaining the perfect granny look! Step 1. Think Crochet Nothing says granny more than embroideries and sweaters. Surely you will rock the look by wearing crocheted sweaters, matched with old school jackets and

April’s 2015 Hair-do

In case you’ve ever ran out of ideas of fun hairstyles, here’s a list of some of the funkiest hairdos you can try right away! Messy, Grungy Ponytail  This look is super easy to create and quite a savior for those “bad hair days”! Rag & Bone and Donna Karan tried out many different messy, artsy ponytails and buns of which we’ve grown very fond of! To achieve the look, you

Simple Hair Care for the Simple or Not So Simple Man

A hair care routine that is deemed good is one that is simple and effective. By dismissing popular myths, using adequate tools, products and following proper hair maintenance tips, you will be able to have your hair looking great with a quick and fun routine! No. 1 – Less hair teasing, less chemical treatments The more chemical treatments your hair undergoes, the more prone to damage it will be. Say

Quickly fix your split ends

Split ends are an annoyance to anyone and no matter the age, occupation, type or length of hair, one is always at risk of experiencing them. Split ends happen when the outer layer of the hair strand is damaged due to external factors (heat, UV light, cold, excess combing, dry air, clothing, etc.). Split ends are a major issue, almost always obliging women to have a radical trim. Well, you