Define Your Eyebrows!

Eyebrows have a great impact upon our overall appearance of the face, thus highlighting our eyes and gathering all the attention on our look. Different trends have been popularized throughout the years and various products have been commercialized for enhancing our most treasured brows! From the gels to the powders to the brow mascara, nothing stands as strong as the classic brow pencil! Now available in different tones and colors,

Autumn Make-up Trends

Short introduction/description: From Givenchy to Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera to Desigual, the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 trends in make-up seem endless: splashes of color, improved comebacks of classical designs, healthy complexions and much more! The 2015-2016 Fall/Winter season for Make-up Trends is curiously romantic, bold, vivid and glamorous! Artistic endeavors of various designers brought to the runway exemplary pieces of fashion; garments of haute couture, precious handbags, jaw-dropping stilettos and of course,

Bold lip colour this summer

So you’ve got yourself a gorgeous sun-kissed skin, sexy beach waves, a perfectly toned, beach-ready body, but you still feel like there’s something missing from the picture? Then you should definitely go for some eye-popping, bold lips! They will instantly boost your self-confidence, adding the WOW effect to your new summery look! Now here’s some priceless tips and tricks on how to apply bold lipstick so that you can rock

Do You Know The Right Way To Use a Concealer?

Concealers have long been used for covering up dark circles underneath the eyes, freckles, spots and other skin imperfections. Its main purpose is to divert the attention from the affected areas by concealing these imperfections and highlighting certain areas such as the cheekbones, nose, forehead, etc. Which one to choose? There are different kinds of concealers, such as stick concealers, liquid concealers, matte-finish liquid concealers, matte-finish cream-to-powder, creamy liquid concealers

Makeup – budget buy and famous brands

Makeup is very important for us girls and each and every one of us wants to know the secrets of this wonderful art. There is so much to learn every day and so many possible combinations of colours, depending on the colour of your eyes and hair, the shape of your face, but also depending on what event you are preparing for. In order to find out everything there is