5-Day Body Cleanse

Our bodies were built to naturally eliminate pollutants and toxins we come in contact with, however, given the hectic lives that we now live and the many dangers that lurk around us, this ability of naturally detoxification has become significantly weak. Generations ago we could easily undergo this process and neutralize these toxins, eliminating them through the pores of our skin, our lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. But today, chemicals and

Eat Healthy This Fall

Stodgy, comfort foods are certainly a trait of this season, when most of us choose to stuff ourselves and binge on what primarily can be considered to be an unhealthy diet. With the accumulation of viruses and reversal of temperature, the body becomes increasingly weak, losing its vital nutrients. Thus, vulnerable, it yearns for the same invigorating, nourishing summer diet, if not even a better one; for combating everything that

Underarm Skin Lightening at Home

Pigmentation of the armpits skin area creates a widely discussed topic in the circles of women around the world. Highly distinguished dermatologist Jennifer Reichel states that there are several factors contributing to the formation of darker pigments in the underarms region. Acanthosis Nigricans (a medical skin condition characterized by areas of dark discoloration in the folds and creases of the body, e.g. armpits, nape, groin, etc.), reticular pigmented anomaly of

Adjust Your Beauty Regimen Because Autumn Is Here

Ensuring proper care during the cold season is mandatory for having flawless skin, hair and nails. The shifts in temperature, the increasing persistence of the wind, etc. are hazardous for our skin and hair. Make sure you carefully read the following steps in order to prevent any unpleasant situations and make fall your ally instead of your enemy! Hair Hair requires special care and attention. Remember to use a proper

Invigorating Yoga Poses for Fall

The soft, cold breeze of the autumn morning is sweeping off the rusty leaves into the air, falling down bit by bit into the form of a golden rug. Tranquility. It’s what each of us looks for in the coming season, after a long, somewhat hectic summer break. Fall is perceived as the season of transformation, the signs of Libra and Scorpio. Nature becomes vibrant, then still, tumultuous and extravagant.

Do You Drink Enough Water?

Dehydration or improper intake of water is known to wreak havoc within the body, bringing forth a series of health problems. Several symptoms are crucial in assessing whether or not our body is depleted of our most important source of wellbeing and hydration; symptoms which will be analyzed in the following lines. Alcoholic beverages, coffee and soda impede proper hydration with diuretic properties, high sugar amount and preservatives. H2O is

Energizing Foods for your Body and Mind

Energizing foods or popularly referred to as “super foods” are capable of offering your body the right amount of nutritious elements and even alleviate some medical conditions. Many are famous due to their cancer-fighting properties or ability to prevent and treat Alzheimer disease. Unlike other types of foods, the ones we’re remembering here have a much greater nutritional value than the others. An essential step in becoming healthier is making

Keep Your Hormones Under Control!

Hormone imbalances affect many people, regardless of age or occupation. Unfortunately, the symptoms and results of this are often disastrous: Sleepless nights, restlessness, insomnia Binge eating, weight gain Moodiness, anxiety, depression Hair thinning or hair loss Decreased sexual desire Sweet tooth, cravings Fatigue Natural remedies and healthy routines offer the possibility of balancing hormonal activity and improving your overall health. Often times, the pituitary gland, the thyroid or the ovaries,

Easter feast is over. Regain your weight

Believe it or not, it happens to all of us. You’re not the only one, therefore don’t discourage yourself! The holidays are great for spending quality time with your family and friends, having long talks over a glass of wine or a pint of beer and indulging in those sweet and savory dishes… mmm! But what’s the cost? Increased cholesterol, high blood sugar, not to mention weight gain! Alas, keep

Top 10 Detox waters for body cleansing

Water works wonders for both our bodies and spirit. If you’re aiming at feeling healthier or losing a few pounds, simply try drinking more water. Drinking up to eight or nine glasses of water a day hydrates and eliminates toxins, speeding up the filtration process of the kidneys. However, this article is meant to show you that plain water isn’t the only way to go. In fact, there are many