5-Day Body Cleanse

Our bodies were built to naturally eliminate pollutants and toxins we come in contact with, however, given the hectic lives that we now live and the many dangers that lurk around us, this ability of naturally detoxification has become significantly weak. Generations ago we could easily undergo this process and neutralize these toxins, eliminating them through the pores of our skin, our lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. But today, chemicals and

Halloween Stitched Mouth Tutorial

Boohooohooooo! October 31st is just around the corner! Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is essentially an evening of horror movie marathons, trick or treating, carving pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns, binging on candy corn, having costume parties and fun activities such as apple bobbing. When people think Halloween, they think the following: scary, spooky, eerie, bizarre and gore! Creepy costumes and detailed, gruesome make-up ideas depicting rag dolls, Sally (Nightmare before Christmas),

Autumn is Not a Fall Per Se

Short introduction/description: Fall, the “Harvest” season is more than just cold days, rain and routine! Enjoy its fairytale-like appearance and its fabulous designs in matters of fashion and make-up! Although fall predicts the fun and the winter holidays and it is quite enticing with its lovely rug of golden, crimson leaves, these aspects may not please everybody. The reason may be the decreasing temperatures, going all the way down to

Invigorating Yoga Poses for Fall

The soft, cold breeze of the autumn morning is sweeping off the rusty leaves into the air, falling down bit by bit into the form of a golden rug. Tranquility. It’s what each of us looks for in the coming season, after a long, somewhat hectic summer break. Fall is perceived as the season of transformation, the signs of Libra and Scorpio. Nature becomes vibrant, then still, tumultuous and extravagant.

How to Start the Day with an Empowering Boost

Have you ever wondered how does your neighbour or best friend manage to stay so radiant? Or perhaps you’ve been questioning the root of your dissatisfaction or boredom. Whichever the case, reality and the state of things are shaped by your thoughts, beliefs and stance. The way you perceive things and you act, dramatically affects the state of your life. The surrounding environment is also responsible for both success and

How to Rock the New Granny Chic Look

The new Granny Chic look has been trending for some months now, replacing ombre hairstyles and lavender hair colors. Within this article we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most important steps in attaining the perfect granny look! Step 1. Think Crochet Nothing says granny more than embroideries and sweaters. Surely you will rock the look by wearing crocheted sweaters, matched with old school jackets and

Clothing colors spring-summer 2015

This summer offers you the possibility to wear soft and romantic colors, as exhibited in the fashion shows of many famous designers. The chosen colors for spring-summer 2015 are soft and the prints are flowery and eclectic. Whether it’s an intense colour or a bold colour, you have the opportunity of wearing different fun tones, as the summer of 2015 is definitely not monochromatic! RED Different variations of red, along

How to Feel Happier in 8 Simple Steps!

Happiness often starts in the mind; if you’re determined enough to make a change, chances are, the results are going to follow right away. Happiness is a genuine state of wellbeing and pleasure, an abiding moment when you feel at peace and ease. The following steps seek to aid you in your quest for attaining it: Enough Nagging for One Day! Maybe you’ve been crying on a friend’s shoulder for

Easter feast is over. Regain your weight

Believe it or not, it happens to all of us. You’re not the only one, therefore don’t discourage yourself! The holidays are great for spending quality time with your family and friends, having long talks over a glass of wine or a pint of beer and indulging in those sweet and savory dishes… mmm! But what’s the cost? Increased cholesterol, high blood sugar, not to mention weight gain! Alas, keep

Top 10 Detox waters for body cleansing

Water works wonders for both our bodies and spirit. If you’re aiming at feeling healthier or losing a few pounds, simply try drinking more water. Drinking up to eight or nine glasses of water a day hydrates and eliminates toxins, speeding up the filtration process of the kidneys. However, this article is meant to show you that plain water isn’t the only way to go. In fact, there are many