Increase activity with the warm weather

Be ready to welcome the sunny days, the need for going out and having long walks, enjoying the taste of spring. Whether it’s taking short walks, jogging or meeting up with friends for a round of golf, it’s a common phenomenon amongst people to want to be more than just a couch potato. Physical activity works wonders for the entire body and mind, removing stress, tension and anxiety.   Use

Diet cleanse for springtime

It’s been quite the lengthy winter of indulging in various comfort foods and you may feel like you need a boost! It’s alright, no need to worry, this article is meant to answer most of your questions regarding the proper diet cleanse for springtime. Getting your body rid of toxins and restoring its alkalinity is achievable only by eating right and exercising. Next are several of my favorite culinary elements

Reasons to get a plenty of sleep for a healthy skin

The best sleep is between the hours of 10pm and 2am, commonly referred to and popularly known as “the beauty sleep”. Sleep disorders are very common amongst adults and are a leading cause of depression and suicide. Insomnia and lack of sleep affect the overall health of the body, the metabolism, mind, spirit and appearance. Lack or too little sleep (less than 5h/ night ; 8 being the average) causes

10 Things Vegans Need to Know

Animal cruelty has become a well-known phrase, as well as the harmful effects of an unbalanced diet, mainly focused on animal derivatives. Luckily, thanks to informational programs and persistent efforts of renowned specialists in nutritional medicine, more people have come to understand the importance of a meat-free diet. However, it is essential to understand that such a lifestyle as the vegan one does not only avoid dairy products, eggs and

Stay chic: how to act like a celebrity

When you hear about a celebrity the words that come to your mind are certainly chic, glamour, famous, social events etc. and I really think that there isn’t one of you who hasn’t wondered how their lives are in reality. Well, the idea of sharing some tricks about living your life like a celebrity has come to my mind and I thought that it would even be interesting to write

The vegan diet

Following a vegan diet will help you lose weight, but also prevent or control cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It is considered a lifestyle, rather than a diet because vegans choose to avoid eating animal-based products, but also wearing clothes made of animal fur and skin. However, the results may differ depending on your dedication and motivation. I know people who chose to be vegan and I can tell you

Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet is exactly what it sounds like, involving raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, grains, meat (fish such as sashimi, Carpaccio) and unprocessed milk products (raw milk, cheese derived from raw milk, raw yogurt). It is easy to adapt to this lifestyle change in particular if you are a vegan or a vegetarian. You must search for organic products, because they contain the natural enzymes and nutrients

Vegetarian diet

If any of you ladies have been pondering the idea of going vegetarian, or want to start a vegetarian diet, I just want to say that it’s amazing. I found this site that offered me a complete meal plan for 28 days, I was sceptic at first but besides losing close to 8 pounds, I also felt cleansed, like a sort of detox. It didn’t feel quite like a diet,

Mediterranean Diet

When thinking of the Mediterranean in Europe we envision sunny beaches, clear blue sea, hot weather, small and peaceful villages and also very healthy foods. My best friend discovered that she has some heart problems and was recommended by her doctor to try a Mediterranean diet, at least for one month. I wanted to support her and maybe even lose a few pounds so I did it with her. I