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Men’s Survival Kit During Fall

Whether it’s stocking up on cozy, warm sweaters or admiring the foliage, fall certainly has a huge list of To-Do things that should be analyzed thoroughly. Eating your favorite pumpkin pie or having the most delicious butternut squash and sweet potato soup can be a great way to keep warm and be well-nourished during the cold season, although there are far more things to bear in mind for September-November. Keep

Great Fall Hair Care Tips for Men

The swift passing of summer announces the cold breeze of the Harvest season. During this period, numerous changes prevail. Some of us browse through their wardrobes for sweaters and warm layers; some check their bathrooms for chapsticks, skin lotions and prepare their beds with the proper bedding. Keeping warm may also imply purchasing wooly, long socks or getting an easy-to-use thermos (e.g. Klean Kanteen Out of all these necessities

Simple Hair Care for the Simple or Not So Simple Man

A hair care routine that is deemed good is one that is simple and effective. By dismissing popular myths, using adequate tools, products and following proper hair maintenance tips, you will be able to have your hair looking great with a quick and fun routine! No. 1 – Less hair teasing, less chemical treatments The more chemical treatments your hair undergoes, the more prone to damage it will be. Say

Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for Men

Truth be told, there are no “tricks”, nor are there any spells which can turn you into Brad Pitt overnight. Weight-loss and diet planning require determination, patience, time and dedication. Whilst undergoing this process, it’s essential to keep your calm and have healthy, reasonable expectations. Strive to improve yourself, not to become somebody else or something that you’re not. The following list will offer you some advice on how to

A man’s beach bag – carry the essentials!

Summer break’s around the corner and in case you’ve been wondering about the top beach bag essentials, gentlemen, this article is just right for you! Tip no. 1: The Bag Have a waterproof or strong fabric bag, which can come in the shape of a sweet tote or a regular, fitting beach bag. Tip no. 2: The Swimsuit It’s best to always have two of these, in case something happens,

The Cambridge Weight Plan for Men

The Cambridge Weight Plan used to be called the Cambridge Diet because it was developed by Dr. Alan Howard at Cambridge University to help people lose weight rapidly. This is a paid program that ensures results fast and easy. It costs because you are assigned a consultant with whom you will establish which of their plans is best suited for you. You cannot do this diet alone because they have

The alkaline diet for men

The alkaline diet for men, also called the “alkaline acid diet”, is preferred by Hollywood celebrities, being an effective regimen that not only helps you lose weight, but prevents health problems such as cancer and arthritis. Did you know that meat, processed foods and refined sugar make your body produce acid? That is not good for you and that is why the alkaline diet for men is so great, because

The South Beach diet for men

Although the South Beach diet for men is known to be low-carb, the experts say that actually it helps you choose the good carbs and fat foods from the bad ones. That is what its creator, cardiologist Arthur Agatston, states. The South Beach diet for men is based on three phases. Phase 1 includes three steps: eliminating cravings, weight loss and the fact that it lasts 14 days. Phase 2

The Pritikin diet for men

The story behind the Pritikin diet for men is actually really interesting as it was created by Nathan Pritikin who was diagnosed with heart disease at 42 years old, in the late 1950s. He did his medical research and opened the Pritikin Longevity Center in Florida, in 1975 that helped many people. After Nathan Pritikin died, his son named Robert Pritikin continued his work and updated a few concepts along

Weight Watchers Diet for Men

Surely if you were ever interested in weight loss you have heard about Weight Watchers. They are one of the most well-known worldwide organizations in this industry this is due to the fact that they have efficient weight loss programs. Weight Watchers has diets that work for both men and women and are based on a point system. So what’s with the point system you ask? Well these programs attribute