It’s been quite the lengthy winter of indulging in various comfort foods and you may feel like you need a boost!

It’s alright, no need to worry, this article is meant to answer most of your questions regarding the proper diet cleanse for springtime. Getting your body rid of toxins and restoring its alkalinity is achievable only by eating right and exercising.

Next are several of my favorite culinary elements meant to help detoxify, vitalize, hydrate and refresh your body, just in time for the aestival season!


Spring Greens

Spring greens are rich in nutrients, offering a large palette of advantages for your metabolism and body. Springtime gives you the ability to enjoy them in the form of cilantro, arugula, dandelion greens, burdock, parsley, kale, watercress, lettuce, etc. What’s also great to incorporate in your diet are fresh sprouts, meaning broccoli, beans and alfalfa.



Mmm, who doesn’t like to start the day fresh? By blending a couple of spring greens, such as the aforementioned ones, cilantro, kale, spinach, celery, etc. with a handful of berries, you’ll be able to have a tasty and nutritious smoothie! The spring greens are renowned for containing chlorophyll, also known as a molecule aiding the elimination of harmful environmental toxins. These toxins are infamous for causing liver damage, therefore, with the help of these leafy greens and berries, rich in antioxidants and enzymes, you’ll fight the free-radical damage and add a smile on your face each morning. Enjoy the long term effects all day long!

Green Tea

The leaves of the green tea are abundant in polyphenols and antioxidants, both known for their detox ability. Through a prolonged use of green tea, you are helping the elimination of free radicals and reducing the risk of some types of cancer. Green tea is also good for revitalizing the body and boosting your immune system, it reduces belly fat and cuts through the adipose tissue.


The amazing fragrance of the curry spices have been used since the times of ancient India. Turmeric, the main ingredient in curry, gives it the splendid yellow color, due to a compound named curcumin. Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old holistic system teaches us that curry powder relieves and cures digestive and liver disorders.

Note that curry also is responsible for the production of glutathione, also known as an antioxidant protecting the liver. Curry can be used in various dishes, from grilled veggies to chicken dishes and eggs.


Cabbage is filled with amazing minerals and vitamins (A,C,E,K), folic acid  and dietary fiber, all being organic compounds helping the detox process. Cabbage contains up to 92% water, therefore it not only nourishes, but also hydrates!


Staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects when considering the overall health of your body. It is advised to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, whether it’s filtered water of tap water, plain or Seltzer water, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you are able to provide your body with enough liquids to keep it hydrated. Water helps with the elimination of toxins and any other unwanted antigens. Always carry a reusable water bottle with you when going out and remember to drink water before and after working out!


Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme helping with the digestion of protein and breakage of fats. It contains high amounts of vitamins (Folate, Vitamin C, B1, Niacin, etc.) and dietary fibers, manganese, phosphorus, zinc and sodium, recommended for alleviating stress and melancholy. Pineapple is also good for removing some of those pesky symptoms of PMSing!


When life gives you lemons… enjoy their purifying properties! Lemons are great for balancing your pH, for removing an unwanted tan, or naturally lighting the skin, removing blemishes or freckles. It contains plenty of vitamin C, which in turn helps the immune system.

Whether squeezed in a glass of water or added to salads, guacamole, smoothies, marinades, juices, etc., lemons are a sure way to go for the perfect detox!


Enjoy their benefits by adding them to your everyday meal and share the results with others!