Hair products come in different shapes and sizes. Their aim is to moisture, straighten, curl, protect against heat, UV light, etc. Although good, it’s still advised to use only a certain quantity of them, as the excess could make the hair greasy and weigh too much on it.

Hair Mousse: In order to evenly apply the mousse on every streak of hair, it is best to divide the hair in four, applying an amount the size of a small apple. Don’t forget to brush the hair thoroughly at the end.

– Hair Spray: Keep the spray several inches away from the head and direct it around your entire hair, so as to cover all areas. Don’t use too much, just pulverize enough hairspray to add a bit of shine and hold!

– Hair Wax: Ideal for short hair, hair wax does wonders on funky haircuts and spiky hair. Using as much as the size of a coin and heating it between the fingertips, apply the wax on pieces of your hair in order to tame it or enhance the hairstyle.

– Split Ends Serum: One application or one small pump should be enough for your split ends. This is genuinely enough for hydrating and refreshing the ends of your hair and preventing it from looking greasy.

– Shampoo: There’s not a real restriction here, the general rule being of washing twice the hair that’s thicker or dirtier. Apply on wet hair and massage the shampoo thoroughly. Using your fingertips, make delicate pressure against the scalp, going down the hair strand. The suggested amount of shampoo meant for using is the size of a walnut.

– Dry Shampoo: Refreshing your look after a late night party or simply trying to take away some of that extra shine and oil? Dry shampoo is a great alternative for restricting excess washing, which can actually be very damaging for the hair, stripping it of its essential oils and nutrients before actually using them. Small bursts of the spray should be used similarly as hair spray and applied on the entire hair, with emphasis on the roots, in the event of greasy hair.

– Hair conditioner and Hair mask: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Don’t ever forget this step, because your hair really needs it! Conditioner is applied after each wash and depending on the type and length of hair, the quantity can be determined. Generally, a quarter of a hand of conditioner is sufficient for restoring health and vitality back to your hair! Avoid the roots, as it weighs the hair down too much. Hair masks do wonders for fine or dry hair, prone to split ends. Whilst hair mask should be kept on the hair from ten to thirty minutes, conditioner is supposed to be kept from three to five minutes. The former is to be used only once a week or twice a week, for damaged hair and conditioner, as aforementioned, after each wash. Remember, the adequate amount of hair mask to be used is enough to cover each streak of hair.

By following these suggestions, you can analyze your hair routine and choose to be more frugal or efficient with the products you own!