Happiness often starts in the mind; if you’re determined enough to make a change, chances are, the results are going to follow right away. Happiness is a genuine state of wellbeing and pleasure, an abiding moment when you feel at peace and ease. The following steps seek to aid you in your quest for attaining it:

  1. Enough Nagging for One Day!

Maybe you’ve been crying on a friend’s shoulder for far too long; or maybe you have a habitual liking of nagging. We get it, problems can multiply and flood you, people change and you can lose friends. Learn to identify the problem and understand your true feelings towards the events happening in your life. The main step to becoming more positive is asking yourself if you’re ready to make a significant change. Treat yourself with love and kindness, aim for tranquility and peaceful time with yourself and with your family and friends. Problems can only be solved through patience and talking.

  1. Take a Close Look at Your Eating Habits

Processed foods and GMO products are a key factor causing weight gain and obesity. By opting for a healthier lifestyle, you acquire more energy and youthfulness! A diet including fruits and vegetables, wholefoods and important nutrients can help you shed weight, balance hormones and combat stress.

  1. Exercise

You don’t have to necessarily get a gym pass or start jogging straight away, although it is certainly recommended to indulge in some kind of sport. However, the main focus here is increasing your activity, which can either mean: having daily walks, doing slow-paced jogging, taking your (or your neighbor’s) pet out for a walk and enjoying the fresh air. The trip will significantly boost up both your immune system and metabolism, oxygenating your entire body and decreasing levels of heart disease.

  1. Call a Friend

Researches have shown that prolonged alienation and solitary types are more prone to brain-related disorders than people who are more sociable. Contemplate on the fact that we are social beings and everything we have achieved or own is, in fact, due to other people. Understand your choice for being aloof and try to solve the underlying problem pertaining to it. Start by calling relatives or friends, invite your neighbors or family over for dinner – there are endless options.

  1. Practice Doing Things

Whether it’s a new hobby or something you’ve forgotten about, try finding it and practice it! By learning to do something, you inevitably undergo a process of becoming unfamiliar, both with yourself and with the newfound hobby. Thus, you become more intrigued and alert, as your brain is experiencing new sensations.

  1. Celebrate Each Day

Here’s a step we often forget – celebrating each day as if it were our last. The hectic lifestyle we now live, combined with pressure from our family and workplace lead us to forget the essential things. By acknowledging the importance of living each day at our fullest, we manage to become more aware of the gestures and decisions we make.

  1. Be More King to Yourself

Repressed anger can affect us terribly. Don’t attack nor blame yourself for the actions and events belonging to your past. Try not to dwell in the past and embrace the future. We all do mistakes, it is part of our nature and the joy of discovering new things!

  1. Love

Learn to love. The surrounding environment, the people in your life and yourself. Spread love and effuse it, letting the negativity disperse into nothingness.

Lastly, don’t avoid doing the things you like. You’re given a chance each moment to voice your thoughts and feelings!