It’s very important to have soft and smooth legs all the time, especially during the cold season when the skin tends to gets dry and in the summer when you display them most of the time. You should moisturize very often and follow some useful steps that will help your legs regain their beauty. The first thing you have to take into consideration is the fact that shaving plays an important role in your legs’ health.

What you need to do is choose a razor with 3 to 5 blades, depending on your type of hair, fine or coarse. For a more sensitive skin you should really consider purchasing a razor with a lubricant strip attached so you won’t have to deal with irritation. Then you can prepare for a warm shower rather than a hot one in order to keep your skin from getting dry. And don’t start shaving the moment you hopped into the shower. It’s best if you take the shower one hour or so before bedtime and shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth using a shaving cream. Avoid soap bars because they won’t keep your skin moisturized, so choose a shaving mousse that will hydrate it. You can also exfoliate your legs before applying the shaving cream or mousse and don’t forget to replace your razor more often.

After the process of shaving your legs try to rinse with colder water because it will close the pores and verify if you missed anything. It’s better to look now than to have a surprise later. Tap your legs with a soft towel in order to dry out the cold water and be careful not to rub them vigorously. After that moisturize with cocoa butter, olive oil or other creams or lotions that are rich in oils.

You could try other ways of shaving your legs such as getting a wax for longer-lasting results and in short time you will no longer feel the pain. You could even make your own hair removing sugar wax and do it yourself.

If your skin is not very sensitive you can try to shave your legs with depilatory creams that are much cheaper than going to the salon for a wax and they are highly effective, smell great and will leave your legs hairless for sure. Or you could make an investment in an electric epilator that is much more effective than a razor and the effects lasts longer. I know that many of you dread the pain that comes with the usage of such a device, but, just like in the case of waxing, in a little time you will no longer feel the pain.

In order to have smooth, sexy legs you should consider doing some exercises. Whether you like to go jogging or you just want to look for something online, it’s very important to keep your body moving for at least 30 – 60 minutes per day. That way you will stay healthy and enhance your blood circulation.

I hope that this will help put a little order in your daily activities and I am sure that if you follow them exactly, they guarantee you great results, so have fun!