Who doesn’t like a healthy looking, glowing skin? And how far would you go to achieve that? To start with, aim at having several daily facial care and wash routines. By doing so, you leave little space for bacteria or impurities accumulated throughout the day at the surface of the skin to multiply. A daily facial care routine seeks to cleanse the skin, treat scars, probably caused by acne or other skin conditions, remove dark circles under the eyes or the puffiness around the eyes, often caused by allergic rhinitis (hay fever), etc.

Proper care and a healthy lifestyle, accompanied by regular exercise or physical activity and a well-balanced diet, abundant in essential nutrients has been proven to dramatically alter and ameliorate the condition of the skin and its overall glow.

Avoid stimulants and substance abuse

These not only greatly affect the liver and the main organs, but have an atrocious effect on the overall appearance of the skin. Therefore, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs and discuss the matter of birth control pills with your GP in the event that you are taking them, as hormonal imbalances also affect the condition of skin outbreaks.

Using SPF foundation and sunblock

Free radicals in the air and UV light prematurely age the skin and the impurities and dirt from the dust brushed against the skin clog pores and infect them with bacteria. Using an SPF foundation or sunblock halts damaging elements found in sunrays from entering the body. However, frequent and protracted exposure to the sun eventually leads to a great amount of radiation and free radicals modifying the structure of the skin.


Diet is a key factor for good health and a clean, smooth, glowing face. By incorporating more fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts and seeds and consuming less precooked food, you allow the body to undergo a detoxification phase.

Green Tea

Green tea works wonders for the skin and body, as it has strong antioxidant properties and bioactive compounds that are able to cleanse the system of impurities, toxins and visibly diminish levels of fat. It also improves physical performance and helps the bowel transit time.


Drink plenty of water, about 8 glasses or half a gallon a day. In addition to this, consuming fruit, veggies and salads that are equally abundant in water helps maintaining a good level of hydration.

Nourishing Oils

Before sleep, the face should be properly lathered, cleansed and moisturized. This is done because the skin is especially responsive to elements coming in contact with it during the night. This is when it can excel if it is treated adequately. Several worth-mentioning oils are Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. They can be applied using either a cotton ball or a Q-tip, across problematic areas of the face, where wrinkles (e.g. crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, etc.) are suspected to develop or where there are dry patches of skin.

DIY facial scrub

Using baking soda or sugar in combination with lemon and water, you have two very useful facial scrubs that have been proven efficient in removing impurities from the skin and leaving it smooth and clean. Apply to damp skin using circular motions.