Ladies, today I am going to tell you a few things about cellulite that, as we all know, is also called the orange peel effect. So many girls complain about having to deal with cellulite, but in my knowledge every girl experiences this ugly orange peel effect. The difference is visibility: some girls are lucky enough because their skin remains firm and looks great when they stand up, walk or adopt certain positions, but others have to constantly be careful with every move they make, how they sit, especially in the summer when we love to expose most of our skin.

The orange peel affect occurs because our fat cells are weakened, making them look saggy. Most of the times it’s impossible to avoid their appearance, but we can, however, try to get rid of them by following a few pieces of advice.

All girls know that for a great-looking, healthy body we have to exercise on a regular basis. It also improves circulation. It’s not imperative to follow a specific diet, but in order to get the desired weight, you have to eat healthy. A well-planed regimen based on fruit and vegetables, reduced salt and heavy water consumption is highly effective.

Many girls get cellulite massages that help eliminating toxins and water in excess that can lead to the ugly orange peel effect. If you want the best results, to get rid of cellulite as fast as possible, the massage has to be performed regularly and after each one don’t forget to apply a cellulite-reducing gel or cream, preferably rich in caffeine. Some girls try aromatherapy oils and you are free to choose from rosemary, lavender, grapefruit and juniper.

I will tell you a trick if you happen to have a light skin color: apply self-tanning lotion! But be sure to cover your skin uniformly in order to hide the orange peel effect. There are more and more girls who like to wear tight clothing because they want to look great and show off their sexy bodies, but some of them might not know that doing so they actually expose every negative detail such as lumps and bumps. If you are a big fan of tight clothing however and don’t want to give up on them, look for fabrics of good quality.

Another way to help you get rid of that ugly orange peel effect is body brushing. Purchase a skin brush and get your body brushed before taking a bath or a shower. Lastly, I will tell you about a highly effective cream called COACH Anti-Orange Peel Effect from THALGO that prevents or reduces the appearance of cellulite. With clinically tested patented melon concentrate, fat-burning green tea extras and grape marc extras, this cream promises that your skin will feel smoother.

I truly hope that these tips will help you, because the ugly orange peel effect is known to be a big problem for girls all around the world. Try them out and share the results. Good luck!