The new Granny Chic look has been trending for some months now, replacing ombre hairstyles and lavender hair colors. Within this article we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most important steps in attaining the perfect granny look!

Step 1. Think Crochet

Nothing says granny more than embroideries and sweaters. Surely you will rock the look by wearing crocheted sweaters, matched with old school jackets and large, fitting hand bags.

Step 2. The Hair

Whether you’re trying to fully dye your hair gray, dip dye your ends or simply have some streaks dyed, it can be pretty difficult to maintain the color without having it fade into an “old” gray tone. By having regular touch-ups for your hair at the salon and using adequate products, you will help maintain its radiance and color. Tip: Don’t wash your hair too often, as this will strip away the color too soon.

Step 3. Accessories

Accessories such as brooches or eye-popping fashion pins are a must, along with scarves, shawls and dramatic foulards.

Step 4. Pearls

For a maximum effect, try wearing pearl necklaces and bracelets, which will significantly enhance your look! Large earrings are also incredibly wicked and come in different shapes, with a whole ensemble of different designs.

Step 5. Boots

The granny boots can be worn throughout the year. They’re available in various shops as steampunk boots or Victorian-styled boots, ankle length or knee high.

Step 6. Finding the Appropriate Bag

For rocking the granny chic look, satchel bags work wonders! The Cambridge Satchel Company and Michael Kors have some of the nicest styles we’ve seen so far!

Step 7. Floral Prints

Playful floral patterns on cardigans and dresses bring a vintage feel to any outfit. Such patterns, topped with lacey, heirloom pieces and cardigans make the granny look seem cozy and sweet!

Step 8. Wearing Glasses?

No matter if you’re actually wearing glasses or not, you can opt for stylish sunglasses that are oversized and retro, just like the ones your Grandma would wear!

Step 9. Faux Fur

Faux fur pops up immediately and magically adds a dose of playfulness and glam to any look!

Step 10. High waist, full skirts and dresses

Long, flowy dresses and high waist full midi skirts are simply lovely! Daring, they bring forth a bold statement and mark an important step for our look.

Step 11. Books

No granny chic tutorial look can ever be completed without the most important step of all: building up the perfect bookcase, filled with interesting novels. Try your new oversized horn-rimmed glasses or simply serve a nice cup of tea by the veranda and indulge in the fabulously enticing world of books.

This fun, retro style can be achieved right away with these simple steps! Just remember, the popular crochet squares can be DIY if you get to learn how to use the needle and the hook.