Have you ever wondered how does your neighbour or best friend manage to stay so radiant? Or perhaps you’ve been questioning the root of your dissatisfaction or boredom. Whichever the case, reality and the state of things are shaped by your thoughts, beliefs and stance. The way you perceive things and you act, dramatically affects the state of your life. The surrounding environment is also responsible for both success and failure present in your everyday life.

There are certain methods of correction which can be applied to faulty reactions or preconceptions. Essentially, you must pay attention to yourself and let yourself be guided by your instincts; “that positive or negative feeling in your gut”. Of course, there are exceptions, but this has been proven to work wonders in changing perspectives. Changing the world begins with changing those little things about yourself that aren’t harmonious. By indulging in vigorous practice for establishing a calm mind, body and spirit, you will successfully manage to have a golden ritual in your daily routine.

Step no. 1 – Acknowledge your position

Being aware of your position as an individual will significantly change your vibes. Because of the continuous stress of the mass-media and the “perfect” but artificial image of beauty portrayed in beauty magazines and financial papers we are tempted to be very self-criticizing. By acknowledging your humanity and vulnerabilities you will become more honest and less anxious.

Step no. 2 – Be grateful

One of the most important steps to self-achievement is being grateful. Having already acknowledged your position, you must become cognizant of the gifts that you were blessed with. Think of the many world crises and shortages on food and drinking water; think of what you have and what you’re good at and acknowledge your particular traits.

Step no. 3 – Renounce all depressants and stimulants

In order to achieve a balanced and harmonious lifestyle, you must put aside such harmful habits as drinking, smoking, indulging in drugs, etc. Start your morning by drinking a fresh smoothie and serving a large bowl of whole-grain cereals instead of smoking your regular cigarette over a cup of coffee.

Step no. 4 – The little steps that lead you to bigger steps

Whether it’s having a short walk or a run, exercise is essential for attaining positive vibes, as well as receiving an empowering boost. Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong are relaxing practices which train your body and release stress. Wake up half an hour or fifteen minutes earlier than your regular time and aim to create a routine of daily exercise.

Step no. 5 – Don’t “cuss”

And I mean forget about it! Don’t say it in your thoughts, don’t insinuate it to others and don’t say it out loud, regardless of anything you could stumble upon! Instead of thinking negatively and further emphasizing that energy, choose to meditate or listen to soothing music.

As a conclusion, waking up invigorated starts in the mind and in the body. Healthy, nutritious alternatives to junk food and a positive outlook on life will drastically change every perspective.