Be ready to welcome the sunny days, the need for going out and having long walks, enjoying the taste of spring. Whether it’s taking short walks, jogging or meeting up with friends for a round of golf, it’s a common phenomenon amongst people to want to be more than just a couch potato. Physical activity works wonders for the entire body and mind, removing stress, tension and anxiety.


  1. Use those stairs!

They may seem like a burden, however, they’re actually a great cardio exercise! Instead of picking the elevator, go for climbing and going down the stairs. This gives you a good exercise and maintains your body in top shape, aiding with problems such as wheezing, heart problems, etc.


  1. Stay hydrated!

It’s essential for our bodies, for our minds and spirit. Water helps flush down toxins and hydrates you, it prevents ageing and accumulation of unwanted antigens in the body, being your kidneys’ best friend.


  1. Forget about your regular parking spot

This one’s an effective tactic and it consists in parking your car as far away from your desired spot, in order of having a longer trip back and forth. Why is this effective? Because by doing it every day, you have a short exercise and numbers add up! Plus, you can’t have the excuse of the weather anymore, since those gloomy, cold days are over!


  1. Spring cleaning

Actually, it’s not just spring cleaning, it’s “regular” cleaning. It works wonders because it involves a lot of movement, stretching, lifting, jumping and walking. Doing this regularly adds up numbers to our list of activities.


  1. Do you have green fingers?

Springtime offers you the chance to enjoy its weather by basking out in the sun and marveling at its beautiful creations, an array of flowers and plants, of trees and shrubs. But during this time, many people choose to exert their love of nature by pruning and gardening. Mowing the lawn, picking up leaves, trimming hedges, pulling out unwanted weeds, all of these gardening activities use many different muscle groups and maintain your body in synch.


  1. Use a pedometer

Apple i-Pod has one and I’ve been using it for years. Other companies selling them are Speakwell, Omron, Fitbit, etc. It tells you how much you’ve walked and points out to the amount of calories you’ve burned. It’s good to set up a goal and frequently change it, as you progressively get accustomed to the increased amount of physical activity.


  1. Have that siesta while walking!

Instead of taking that short nap after lunch or having a long, sedentary meal, opt for a relaxed lunch and a short walk, which will get the digestive process going. Or, instead of meeting a friend in a pub or café, choose to have a walk-meeting, taking the opportunity to go around a park or public garden.


These tips aren’t hard to follow and they are things that can be done immediately. Chances are that there are even pedometer apps suitable for your phone, which you can use on a daily basis, making the costs for the change non-existent. Enjoy the opportunity of having new-found habits and routines dramatically changing your life (for the better!)!