Oh, don’t you just love street chic? Personally, I adore it! Sitting relaxed in a café and enjoying my shake or crisp salad and admiring the passersby. Fall is especially my favorite season to do this “chic spying”, as it’s such a pleasant, familiar and cool season. I’ve noticed all kinds of outfits during the months of September throughout November. However the one element I have remarked in each and every one of them is creativity. And yes, as Henry Matisse said it, “Creativity takes courage!” It’s not easy to be mixing so many textures, patterns, prints, accessories and colors without being the least a bit inventive!


But I love layers and I’m sure that you too love the layering fashion as it is so young and fun! Take it from American designer Eileen Fisher or Mandy Watkins who both have instructed women on how to wear sweaters, shirts, scarves and belts at the same time! What’s the catch? It can keep you warm, protect you from the cold and still guarantee a chic look in figure-flattering ensembles! The key to not looking like a bulky male pigeon’s chest is to ensure that your bottom layer consists of a lightweight fabric instead of simply overlapping garments, which could create disproportions as an effect of the former action. Resume to three or four layers at most, e.g. a vest or undershirt, a sweater and a jacket. When wearing long stockings you can combine leg warmers or knee-high socks with Dr. Martens combat boots or classic stilettos. For achieving the grungy, uptown vibe, try DIY shirts and cropped jeans with ripped stockings. The layering fashion offers you endless possibilities; you may consider contrast, stripes and checkers, polka dots, bold colors and also play with textures and fabrics as much as you want.

Your ensemble should seem effortlessly chic and intricately gorgeous. This massive trend gives you the chance of being sporty, elegant or preppy – just remember to emphasize the cherry on top which is your outer coat or jacket! Mix colors, fuse patterns, play with contrasts; whichever your pick, I hope you will display the result with major enthusiasm!

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