Make-up can be addictive and has been blamed to be a strain by many, however, it’s been deemed to enhance natural beauty and highlight some features that otherwise can pass unnoticed. The following list will offer some easy makeup hacks that you can apply right away, to make things easier and more accessible!

Step one: Eye makeup

A Kohl pencil eyeliner can be transformed into a gel liner by warming it for several seconds under the flame of a matchstick or lighter.

Mascara quickly changes its texture and becomes dry, therefore you can prevent this from happening and remediate the situation by adding a couple of saline solution drops into the mascara container. This will make it wet and easy to use, reviving it for further use.

3D effect mascaras are now accessible and more popular, as opposed to false eyelashes, as they are a quick and easy alternative to the long application process of faux lashes. Always distribute the mascara evenly on the lashes, with a greater emphasis on the base of the lash, giving it a considerable thickness.

Use a spoon or a business card for drawing a perfect winged eyeliner. Many people have problems respecting a certain design or following a line, needing a bit of help for attaining the perfect cat eye.

Eyeshadow leftovers and bits of make-up which are no longer used can make a very resourceful product! By adding a bit of Vaseline in a small container and mixing it with eye shadow, you have a great gel eye shadow or tinted lip balm!

White eyeshadow or pencil applied on the eyelid prior to eyeshadow application will emphasize the chosen color and enhance your natural eye color.

Step two: Lips

Place a handkerchief or tissue over the lips, onto which you applied lipstick, softly dusting some face or talcum powder over them, thus making lipstick last longer.

Step three: Foundation

Remember that there is still a bit of foundation left in the tubes considered empty. The tubes or recipients should be cut and the remaining foundation used, therefore preventing the acquisition of more products.

Water-based foundation can be applied using the fingertips, as it will be blended nicely into the skin, leaving it natural and smooth, with no streaks or spots.

Step four: Concealer

Concealer is a key element for flawless skin. It “conceals”, much like its name states, redness, freckles, spots, scars, dark circles, pimples or acne. Applied correctly, underneath the eyes and brows, around the corners of the mouth and nose, it will bring light and an overall lift to your visage, making it more young-looking and fun!