Whether it’s stocking up on cozy, warm sweaters or admiring the foliage, fall certainly has a huge list of To-Do things that should be analyzed thoroughly. Eating your favorite pumpkin pie or having the most delicious butternut squash and sweet potato soup can be a great way to keep warm and be well-nourished during the cold season, although there are far more things to bear in mind for September-November.

Keep your optimism intact

Indulge in comfort foods, spend quality time with your loved ones and have long walks through the crunchy leaves. Among our favorite culinary delights we remind hot chocolate, cinnamon rolls, caramel apples, s’mores, roasted marshmallows, candy corn, pumpkin pie, etc. Aside from the yummy comfort food, you can have memorable moments with your friends and family by having a bonfire, taking hay rides, going to fall festivals, celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving, doing apple picking and last but not least reading good fiction books.

Stay moisturized

As cold air contains up to 30% less moisture in comparison to warm air, it is therefore a lot harsher for the skin. The colder breeze dehydrates the skin, making it brittle, tight and itchy. Often it can appear flaky and rosy, signs that mark an increased need of moisturization. Use a daily cream moisturizer rich in vitamin E and essential oils. Apply it evenly to the priorly washed and cleansed face (optional: you could also use a toner). By caring for the sensitive area around the eyes and your delicate complexion in general, you will succeed in combating  the cold and stay well-hydrated. Do not neglect the importance of drinking at least eight glasses of water a day (you may also carry a thermos with tea) and eating a proper diet containing all the necessary nutrients.

Hair and beard care

As the cold dries up both your hair and skin, you may soon confront yourself with its devastating effects. Your beard may easily lose moisture and that is why you are advised to use a grooming product such as Mr Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir:

(http://www.mrnatty.com/shop/famous-beard-elixir) – remembering to massage a bit through your beard every once in awhile.

As for your hair, visit your barber regularly for trims and adequate grooming. Shampoo and conditioners meant for your hair type (e.g. color-treated hair, curly/frizzy hair, dry, damaged hair, lank, limp hair) revigorate your hair by offering it the proper care.