You know that when winter begins you have to take extra steps to ensure that your lips don’t get chapped, your skin needs to be hydrated, your hair has to be protected from split ends, but so do your nails. So, after your manicure and pedicure, you have to decide on the best look for them.

If you’ve been wondering what colours should be worn this winter then you’ve landed on the right page. You can choose between soft or dark colours, they can also be sparkly and you can create playful designs to ensure a unique look.

In terms of colour here are seven recommended for this cold winter season.

Bronze/ Gingerbread, these are colours that work for many occasions, and don’t make great contrast between your skin tone and the colour itself, being utterly classy, simple, yet intriguing.

Grey is a rich, sophisticated neutral that goes with everything and anything. It’s easy to understand why this has become one of the trendiest colours of both autumn and winter. It also has various hues, so if you don’t like the darker ones, you can go for a much lighter one.

Dark Purple, is a rich and regal colour, darker shades are a highly popular choice for winter. You can use either a metallic, sparkling or matte polish and it will look amazing either way. It might be a Gothic look, but in contrast with that cold, icy and white background out there, your hands will be noticeable, but in a very chic way.

Navy, Midnight Blue, yes, these are classic colours, but they work even better if you try for a gradient outcome. A gradient from Midnight Blue to a lighter shade will certainly make your hands look like they popped out of a winter fairy tale.

Dark Green, Emerald, Forest Green, this goes without saying that these shades will create a dreamy enchanted look, one that will make you feel like a huntress in a forest of pine trees, covered in snow, now that is a highly mystical image.

Dark Red, Ox Blood, the darker hues are a necessary twist from the traditional bright red of Christmas, perfectly combining sexiness, a dim flame and a more reserved look, making it perfect for dressing your pretty nails in it, during the winter season

Pale pink, a colour that works very well in any circumstance, in any season, a neutral nude is highly recommended, it works fantastically well if you want to wear darker clothes.

Be playful this winter and try something new like sparkling or heavy metals polishes, winter elements (snowflakes, snowfall, and snowmen), you can also use for example a black foundation with sharp forest green stripes, gradient is also an impeccable choice especially in the nudes department and last but not least you could go for two-toned nails, outlining a navy blue with a silver line.