Split ends are an annoyance to anyone and no matter the age, occupation, type or length of hair, one is always at risk of experiencing them. Split ends happen when the outer layer of the hair strand is damaged due to external factors (heat, UV light, cold, excess combing, dry air, clothing, etc.). Split ends are a major issue, almost always obliging women to have a radical trim. Well, you don’t have to be so harsh… it can be mended!

Change your hair brush or comb: Firstly, get rid of any plastic hair brush or comb! Replace them with either a wooden brush, a wide-tooth comb or a gentle baby brush. After washing your hair, apply a leave-in serum and gently untangle your hair. This is a major step which will prevent the hair from breaking.

Blow dryer dilemma: A professional, ionic blow dryer with different levels of heat is a better alternative than a cheap dryer, which can heat up easily, burning and drying your ends. Flat irons and curling wands should be made of ceramic. Aim for products such as Remington, CHI Turbo Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer, Rusk CTC Lite, Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Turbo Styler, etc.

Take your vitamins! : A healthy hair always reflects a healthy diet. Therefore, don’t forget to either have a varied and balanced diet or take supplements if needed. Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Biotin, Niacin, Vitamin A, Iron and Zinc are of utmost importance when it comes to the wellness of your hair.

Dry End Serum: Use a daily, small dab on dry hair. This will instantly moisture and add finesse to the hair, protecting it as a shield against outer, damaging factors. Examples of products: Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage, L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme, Pantene Split End Mender Serum, etc.

Leave-in serum or conditioner: Using these products after a prior hair wash, you will have a much easier time combing or brushing your hair. Different products on the market are destined for different hair types, some enhancing hair colors and offering UV light protection, others reestablishing the levels of oils needed by dry hair.

Have regular visits to the hair salon: Checking the state of your hair in time can prevent split ends. Having regular trims, every several months, can maintain healthy looking hair. Remember to always restrict the amount of hair coloring and treatments such as perming, curling or straightening, etc. as these all dehydrate and weaken the hair!

In essence, experts recommend limiting these damaging factors and giving more importance to having a proper hair care routine, which involves attentive handling and using the right products destined for your hair type!