The Raw Food Diet is exactly what it sounds like, involving raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, grains, meat (fish such as sashimi, Carpaccio) and unprocessed milk products (raw milk, cheese derived from raw milk, raw yogurt). It is easy to adapt to this lifestyle change in particular if you are a vegan or a vegetarian.

You must search for organic products, because they contain the natural enzymes and nutrients that can help you achieve optimal health, meaning that you will also lose weight. The main idea behind this whole diet is that heating food destroys these nutrients and vitamins, being bad for our system. These enzymes generally boost our digestion and help fight migraines, allergies, can help improve our immune systems, our memory and it can even help with arthritis and diabetes.

You can eat the food cold or you can heat it up to a maximum of 115 degrees Fahrenheit (47 degrees Celsius). The diet can include foods such as dried organic vegetables like lentils, chickpeas, adzuki beans, etc. Throughout oils we talk only about cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil; raw virgin coconut oil; and raw coconut butter and raw almond butter. The liquids imply water, freshly made vegetable and fruit juice and herbal teas, made with tea leaves and not the kids you find in a tea-bag.

You don’t have to think of this diet like you’ll never cook again, au contraire, the process of preparing the foods can be quite tedious, besides thoroughly washing everything you eat, you can soak (germination) and sprout them, dehydrate, blend, ferment, pickle and juice. You can create any mix of foods you want, especially with soups, smoothies, juices and nut milks.

What utensils you may need for this raw diet include: a blender, a thermometer, dehydrator (a piece of equipment that can blow air through food at low temperatures), juicer, food processor, spiral slicer, large containers, trays to soak and sprout seeds in, grains, and beans, mason jars or sprouters.

All in all you can rest assured that this diet will surely make you lose weight and it will also help you become the healthier version of yourself.

While it sounds fairly simple, it is not recommended to everyone, especially people with immunity deficiencies, pregnant women, young children, seniors, and those who have chronic medical conditions.

If you do decide to try it, then I believe that you can succeed, as long as you have the will power and determination to do something good for yourself.