A money-saving beauty tips and tricks fan? Then it’s time you… salted your beauty ritual! That’s right, SALT is the “holly grail” of the kitchen cupboard beauty ingredients; it will help you achieve that radiant, flawless look that celebrities usually spend fortunes on. Here are some of the main beauty uses of this budget-friendly, all-natural ingredient:

It’s a blackhead buster – Put together a “wonder” mixture of Epsom salt (a teaspoon) and a few drops of iodine in hot water and use it (once it has cooled) for dabbing it onto the blackhead-affected zones, using a cotton ball. Let it do its magic for a couple of minutes (until it dries) and then rinse. As simple as that! Another salty blackhead (and pimples) banishing beauty trick is a mix of a dash of Epsom salt with a few drops of lemon juice and a little bit of honey! Apply it on your nose area or on any pimples that might lower your self-confidence and… witness the miracle!

It’s the VIP ingredient of any DIY foot soak/scrub – A chaotic, energy-consuming day at the office, a mad day at school or a… shopping marathon have left you with tired, aching feet? Then they sure deserve to get pampered with a foot soak/scrub at the end of the day, don’t they? Just add a cup of salt (preferably Epsom salt) into a basin filled with hot water and dip your feet in! The salty soak not only removes any bad feet odor, softens the rough skin and releases the tension in your feet, but, if you combine it with a few drops of coconut or peppermint oil, it turns into a wonder spa foot scrub, too!

It’s THE ingredient on top of almost every detox bath recipe – Reward your body, after you’ve loaded it with toxins (consciously or not), with a warm salty bath (Epsom or dead sea salt, ideally) and you’ll do yourself a great favor! The open pores will allow all the minerals in the salt to be fully absorbed by the skin and to act as some sort of a sponge, attracting all the toxins in your body, while reducing the stress and removing all those layers of dead cells on your skin, leaving you, after just 30 minutes, not just healthier, but with a visibly beautified skin, too. It’s no secret that even those red carpet beauties at Hollywood use this apparently so very common kitchen beauty ingredient for looking fabulous in their haute couture gowns when striking their poses in front of the cameras.

It will become that affordable facial exfoliator which will stick to your beauty regime for good –  Who said that getting smoother and smoother… the smoothest (acne free) skin you’ve ever had should affect your budget? Nonsense! Just fill in a small cup with salt, then get it as moistened as you prefer it by pouring some olive oil. Use this skin perfector for gently massaging your face through and through and there you are: the proud owner of a smoother skin, of a visibly brighter complexion. And all that without having to rob a bank for buying yourself a luxury facial scrub!

It’s time you embraced your head-turning…salty, beachy waves – A bit nostalgic about the effortlessly gorgeous wavy hairstyle you always sport whenever you have time to hit the beach and to get your locks damped with salt water? There there now, stop dreaming about your long sunny days on the beach and hurry up to get yourself a killer salt-based beachy waves-enhancing spray. You will be needing the following ingredients:

-1 tsp of argan oil or coconut oil

-a cup of hot water

-a 1-2 tsp of sea salt

– ½ tsp leave-in conditioner

-dab of water-based gel

Mix all these goodies in a spray bottle, spray the mixture onto your damp wet hair and… embrace your new beachy waves even when the beach is… miles away!

Don’t you think it’s about time you used salt for upgrading your beauty regime? If it already is one of your favorite all-natural beauty ingredients, feel free to share with us your own salt-based beauty tips and tricks!