I have been dying to find a nice warm infinity scarf, and since I didn’t have much money to spend on it, I decided it’s high time to try some DIY tutorials.

My first impression is that the internet is filled with all kinds of tutorials for anything you might need, from shoes to accessories. It was very easy to find a tutorial for a fluffy wooly infinity scarf that required no stitching and no complex crocheting. You knit it with your arms.

The first thing you want to do is find some wool preferably a thick and soft one, so it won’t itch when you wear it, and if you’re lucky you can even find your favorite colour. The tutorial I watched used green wool, but I found a purple one that is just perfect for me.

Making it is a bit more complex, but not hard at all plus there is the benefit of being able to go back and forth through the video as much and as many times you want, so you will be able to “arm knit” the perfect infinity scarf.

It’s super easy to make and the end result is fantastic, plus there is the fact that you made it with your own hands, if you get the hang of it, you can give them as presents to your friends, it doesn’t take more than half an hour and you will have an original and thoughtful gift to give to anyone, be it boy or girl, relative or friend.

I’ll leave the link right here because it’s easier to see the actual work, than for me to explain it in writing. Enjoy! I know I did.