Firstly, find a good women’s razor (e.g. Gillette Venus Embrace, Bic Soleil Bella Disposables). Aim to buy a razor with a replaceable head or a simply get a disposable razor for maintaining proper hygiene. Bear in mind that you may use the former for as much as ten shaves, after which it is advised to be changed, due to the possible agglomeration of bacteria and other impurities. The blade should be rounded, with a rotating head and firm handle, for a good grip.

Getting started:

Soak your legs in lukewarm water or in the shower for several minutes in order to make the hair softer. Use a nourishing shaving gel such as Gillette Satincare Sensitive Shaving Gel and apply it evenly on your legs. Starting from the ankles, make your way up to your knees and repeat the motion, by slowly dragging the blade upwards. Rinse the blade under tepid water after each shave in order to keep it clean and prevent it from clogging. Pay careful attention whilst shaving the delicate area behind your knees and your shins, as they require a certain amount of care and technique in order to properly manage removing excess hair.

Once finished, take the shower head and gently swipe it over your legs, washing off any remaining gel. Let them air dry or softly pat a towel over them, drying them off well before applying a moisturizer. Choose an alcohol-free aftershave gel or a body lotion with anti-inflammatory properties and apply it with circular movements on your legs.

You may shave every two to three days or every day, depending on your hair growth speed. For preventing razor bumps and ingrown hairs, you may use a skin exfoliant or delicate scrub before shaving. These will prevent your skin against rashes and pesky skin conditions caused by not shaving properly.

The following section is a small list of tips meant to further help you in attaining the closest shave. Remember the former suggestions and the following ones before every shave and you will successfully prevent any unpleasant result.

Tip no.1 – Some women shave at the end of the shower, after having been in the shower steam long enough to ease the toughness of the hair follicle.

Tip no.2 – It is of utmost importance to always use a nourishing shaving gel or cream, as opposed to using a regular soap, which can dry your skin, leading to rashes. Offer your legs the best moisture before and after the shaving process and you will rejoice over magnificent results!

Tip no. 3 – Avoid applying direct pressure onto the skin after shaving. For instance, avoid scrubbing the legs with a bath sponge or loofah, as these can inflict wounds, certainly they can cause irritations and red spots.

Hope that these lines were of use to you, remember never to share your razor with anyone, as it very unsanitary. Shaving your legs should be a fast, easy process for hair removal and, if done correctly, will ensure you silky legs all summer long!