Beauty gurus and renowned stylists suggest heatless methods for styling your hair. These, as opposed to the numerous other alternatives involving hot appliances, promote healthier, better looking hair. Nicole Skyes, of Bay Area, California came up with an ingenuous hack that involves absolutely no harmful chemicals or styling tools!

This simple, inexpensive method requires a few, old or beat-up socks and a nourishing, leave-in conditioner or hair mousse. Begin by parting your hair into several sections after evenly spraying your conditioner/mousse of choice. With the help of a wide-toothed comb or with your fingertips, distribute the mousse throughout all of the hair strands. Roll your hair around the cropped sock, much like you would do with a roller. Whether you choose to do this early morning, before an evening feast or night party or you do it before going to bed,  a couple of hours will do the trick of giving you beautiful, youthful curls!

Natural, beach curls are easily obtained through such cheap, fun heatless methods! By choosing to wrap your damp hair up in sock buns or simple twists and leaving it overnight, you drastically diminish the amount of harmful chemicals and hot tools you use. The “sock” hack is a quick, simple beauty fix used by women who wish to avoid further hair damage and aim for natural, voluminous hair.

Both women with natural and dyed/chemically treated hair should consider healthier styling options, as it is always a matter of time until your hair shows the first signs of damage.

Tip: Bear in mind that the “sock” hack is effortless and creative! By choosing to use less heat, you are literally shedding years off your hair! Use a shampoo that fits your hair type (color-treated hair, curly/frizzy hair, dry, damaged hair, lank, limp hair) and a hair mask/conditioner that is enriched with essential oils or vitamins. When you skip the latter, simply use a leave-in conditioner or a styling mousse! Don’t forget to occasionally prepare a DIY, homemade mask (e.g. olive oil + egg, coconut oil + castor oil, etc.) and treat your stomach with healthy goodies that’ll nourish you from the inside out!