When you hear about a celebrity the words that come to your mind are certainly chic, glamour, famous, social events etc. and I really think that there isn’t one of you who hasn’t wondered how their lives are in reality. Well, the idea of sharing some tricks about living your life like a celebrity has come to my mind and I thought that it would even be interesting to write about it.

First of all, I want to tell you a little about how I was pretending to be a celebrity when I was a little girl. Seeing all those fancy people on TV made me want to be one of them because at that age it seemed amazing to me. I used to take my mother’s clothes and shoes, pretending I was on a catwalk, I would steal her makeup kits when she wasn’t home and give her a big surprise when she arrived. Oh, the laughs she had, after telling me it’s not ok, of course. Long story short, I very much enjoyed doing those things, even though my mom kept on repeating that it’s not right. I was just trying to be like those celebrities, because that’s what I understood from it then.

Returning to our subject, I was about to give you some tips on how to act like a celebrity. Well in order to feel like one you have to be seen and known by many people so what you have to do is go out as much as you can, in various locations, socializing and maybe, just maybe, you will meet a celebrity and become friends with them. Do something outrageous to stand out so that people will remember and talk about you.

If you start to attend parties you have to look great! If you can’t afford designer labels, buy affordable, but good quality clothes that resemble designer outfits. Be sure not to look trashy, but elegant and chic. To complete the array buy some of those over-sized glasses that became trendy. Take your best friends, get into the mood and go party!

However, it’s not enough just to attend parties, you also have to throw some yourself. Parties, celebrations, events, every interesting activity you can think of is the perfect reason to gather people at your place. Don’t worry about prices because they don’t even have to be expensive or fancy. If you invite close friends who know how to behave your house won’t be in danger. And if your friends have friends who know friends of famous friends, if you know what I mean, you are definitely on the right path.

At these parties you are throwing you don’t have to always dress fancy. When you are at home, even if you have guests, it’s ok to let them see you in a comfortable outfit. Well comfortable, but still chic, because you want to make a good impression every time. Accessories are very important. From hair bows, hats, scarves and fancy boots to bracelets, beautiful earrings, necklaces and bling, you have to wear it all, but with style.

Your hairstyle has to be mind-blowing. Look up celebrity hairstyles or do a thorough research in order to find the one that best suits you so you can impress everyone. You can always be original and try something new and amazing. Originality tops everything and your guests will surely admire you.

If you want to spice it up a bit, you are allowed to cause some drama, meaning that if something about a certain person is bothering you, you can tell them as long as it’s the truth, everybody can see it and you use the right words. Yes, maybe you will cause a scene, but isn’t that what you wanted? And if you are right, people will agree with you and stand beside you.

You want to act like a celebrity, but be careful not to be eaten by the thought. Remain independent, no matter what, don’t depend on anyone else but yourself. Be sure to always look your best, wherever you are going, get creative and make your own outfits, even if you think they will cause gossip. Don’t be afraid to stand out, how else will you be known? Do karaoke, start a dance in a club, audition for plays at your school, join clubs, anything you want.

Be a diva, but don’t push it or else you will end up being disliked and avoided by the people you wanted to be friends with and not only by them. Smile all the time in order to stay likeable, keep your personality, respect the others and don’t, for any second, think that you are the best, better than anyone else, or God forbid, say it out loud, because nobody is perfect, don’t you forget that!

These might not be “a few” tips, but I sure hope they will help some of you who like celebrities and want to be in their shoes, or at least act like it. If you keep in mind these pieces of advice, maybe one day you will become famous, a role model that everyone looks up to. And hey, if you have a hidden talent, or not-so-hidden, you have even more chances so try your luck!