Some of you have heard of the new Sugar Coat Nail Polish that looks really cute and sweet. It comes in many colors and you can see the nail polish becoming fizzy after just 5 seconds from applying it on your nails. It is becoming more and more popular on the internet, but it may be hard for some to find it in their local shops.

Luckily, there is a tutorial that shows how you can do yourself a sugar coat at home, using actual sugar or even salt, if you wish. And even more, you can chose any color you want for your nails that may not exist yet for the actual Sugar Coat Nail Polish.

I really like how the girl in the video explains and is so happy with her result. The steps are very easy. Firstly, you apply colorless nail polish on your nails. After that, you put whatever colored nail polish you wish to have. Then you cover your nails with another coat of colorless nail polish.  Right after that, you apply the sugar. You can either spread it from above on your nails, or you can put sugar on the table and press your nail right on it. To finish, you brush the remaining sugar from your finger right around the nail and apply another coat of colorless nail polish.

Be careful, the sugar can dissolve a bit when putting your hands into water.  But you can try applying another coat of colorless nail polish after it dries out from the water.

If you take care of your nails and be careful around water, this nail art can last up to 3 days.