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6 Steps You Should Skip When Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair everyday Possibly the worst thing you can do, as the hair is stripped of its natural oils. By leaving more time between washes, the nutrients and oils can spread from the scalp to the ends of the hair, making it silkier, softer and healthier! Frequent washing dehydrates the hair, leaving it brittle and dull. By shampooing it once or twice a week and using less hair products

How much hair product you should use

Hair products come in different shapes and sizes. Their aim is to moisture, straighten, curl, protect against heat, UV light, etc. Although good, it’s still advised to use only a certain quantity of them, as the excess could make the hair greasy and weigh too much on it. – Hair Mousse: In order to evenly apply the mousse on every streak of hair, it is best to divide the hair