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Great Fall Hair Care Tips for Men

The swift passing of summer announces the cold breeze of the Harvest season. During this period, numerous changes prevail. Some of us browse through their wardrobes for sweaters and warm layers; some check their bathrooms for chapsticks, skin lotions and prepare their beds with the proper bedding. Keeping warm may also imply purchasing wooly, long socks or getting an easy-to-use thermos (e.g. Klean Kanteen http://www.kleankanteen.com/). Out of all these necessities

6 Steps You Should Skip When Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair everyday Possibly the worst thing you can do, as the hair is stripped of its natural oils. By leaving more time between washes, the nutrients and oils can spread from the scalp to the ends of the hair, making it silkier, softer and healthier! Frequent washing dehydrates the hair, leaving it brittle and dull. By shampooing it once or twice a week and using less hair products

Simple Hair Care for the Simple or Not So Simple Man

A hair care routine that is deemed good is one that is simple and effective. By dismissing popular myths, using adequate tools, products and following proper hair maintenance tips, you will be able to have your hair looking great with a quick and fun routine! No. 1 – Less hair teasing, less chemical treatments The more chemical treatments your hair undergoes, the more prone to damage it will be. Say