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Stunning Autumn Haircuts

Short introduction/description: The new 2015/2016 Fall Season brings us some healthier and more glamorous tendencies, specially meant to give you a nicer and younger look. The big fashion designers suggest us reconsidering the pixie and the angled bob haircut, as well as the “mermaid” waves, all of which represent the biggest trends this season. This fashion inclination to the classic time periods as the 60’s or the 90’s promotes healthy

Stay chic: how to act like a celebrity

When you hear about a celebrity the words that come to your mind are certainly chic, glamour, famous, social events etc. and I really think that there isn’t one of you who hasn’t wondered how their lives are in reality. Well, the idea of sharing some tricks about living your life like a celebrity has come to my mind and I thought that it would even be interesting to write