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The vegan diet

Following a vegan diet will help you lose weight, but also prevent or control cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It is considered a lifestyle, rather than a diet because vegans choose to avoid eating animal-based products, but also wearing clothes made of animal fur and skin. However, the results may differ depending on your dedication and motivation. I know people who chose to be vegan and I can tell you

Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food Diet is exactly what it sounds like, involving raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, grains, meat (fish such as sashimi, Carpaccio) and unprocessed milk products (raw milk, cheese derived from raw milk, raw yogurt). It is easy to adapt to this lifestyle change in particular if you are a vegan or a vegetarian. You must search for organic products, because they contain the natural enzymes and nutrients

The alkaline diet for men

The alkaline diet for men, also called the “alkaline acid diet”, is preferred by Hollywood celebrities, being an effective regimen that not only helps you lose weight, but prevents health problems such as cancer and arthritis. Did you know that meat, processed foods and refined sugar make your body produce acid? That is not good for you and that is why the alkaline diet for men is so great, because

The Pritikin diet for men

The story behind the Pritikin diet for men is actually really interesting as it was created by Nathan Pritikin who was diagnosed with heart disease at 42 years old, in the late 1950s. He did his medical research and opened the Pritikin Longevity Center in Florida, in 1975 that helped many people. After Nathan Pritikin died, his son named Robert Pritikin continued his work and updated a few concepts along

Vegetarian diet

If any of you ladies have been pondering the idea of going vegetarian, or want to start a vegetarian diet, I just want to say that it’s amazing. I found this site that offered me a complete meal plan for 28 days, I was sceptic at first but besides losing close to 8 pounds, I also felt cleansed, like a sort of detox. It didn’t feel quite like a diet,

Mediterranean Diet

When thinking of the Mediterranean in Europe we envision sunny beaches, clear blue sea, hot weather, small and peaceful villages and also very healthy foods. My best friend discovered that she has some heart problems and was recommended by her doctor to try a Mediterranean diet, at least for one month. I wanted to support her and maybe even lose a few pounds so I did it with her. I