The Cambridge Weight Plan used to be called the Cambridge Diet because it was developed by Dr. Alan Howard at Cambridge University to help people lose weight rapidly. This is a paid program that ensures results fast and easy. It costs because you are assigned a consultant with whom you will establish which of their plans is best suited for you. You cannot do this diet alone because they have their branded soups, bars, porridges, shakes, rice, pasta and other foods which you cannot find in markets or in online shops. The full range of products can be found here:

They have countless success stories and for a weekly fee you won’t have to worry that you cannot keep to your diet, due to your personal coach. Here is the official site:

There are 6 different meal plans each having its own amount of daily calories:

  1. From 440 to 640 kcal
  2. 810 kcal
  3. 1000kcal
  4. 1200kcal
  5. 1500 kcal
  6. And a personalized diet that is over 1500 kcal

Everything you need to know about this diet you will find on the site link I mentioned earlier, a friend of mine tried the second step in particular and was very pleased with her consultant who was very helpful and understanding. She managed to lose close to two pounds per week so I think that it’s worth it, even for men.