As presented in the best diets for men article, I have mentioned that this particular one was not designed for weight loss, but for lowering blood pressure. Either way, one of my best male friends tried this one in particular and it had amazing results.

Since it is less known that most of the other diets I wrote about, I will try to include as many details as possible. Let’s start off by listing the base foods, which are fruit, vegetables, nuts, proteins, low levels of salt and sugar, low-fat and non-fat dairy, whole grains, beans, fish meat and poultry. This diet also comes in varied forms such as the possibility to choose from 1200, 1600, and 2000 calorie diets, there is also a vegetarian version for people who wish to remove meat from their lives, just like my friend did. There are numerous advantages to this life choice, besides becoming healthier, but we will not discuss them right now.

It is not one of those diets that make you starve, having breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, midafternoon snack, before-dinner snack and dinner and after 28 days you won’t want to give it up. It keeps your tummy full and happy and it helps you become the healthier version of yourself while also losing the desired weight.

My friend showed me their official diet site, and I found there some sample menus for jumpstarting weight loss. So here they are:

Day 1 also called Turbocharging weight loss will include:

Breakfast – Mini-egg beaters southwestern style omelet, low-sodium tomato juice;

Midmorning Snack – Light laughing cow cheese wedge, grape tomatoes;

Lunch – Turkey and Swiss roll-ups, cole slaw, raw snow peas, sugar-free orange Jell-O;

Midafternoon Snack – Light Cheese, baby carrots;

Before-Dinner Snack – Guacamole, bell pepper strips;

Dinner – Roasted turkey, sautéed carrots and onions, side salad with Italian dressing, sugar-free lime Jell-O;


Day 2 or An abundance of healthy foods, will contain:

Breakfast – Hot chocolate, hard boiled eggs, light cranberry juice, strawberries;

Midmorning Snack – Key lime light yogurt, almonds;

Lunch – Acapulco tuna salad in pita pocket, sliced bell peppers, sliced tomatoes, sugar-free orange Jell-O;

Midafternoon Snack – Nectarine, handful of cashews;

Before-Dinner Snack – Peanuts in the shell;

Dinner – Meaty red sauce over spaghetti squash, romaine salad with Italian dressing, frozen light fudge bar;


I’ll leave the link of the site here and urge you to try it, it’s delicious, it’s healthy and weight wise, completely worth it.