Fall reminds us of pleasant childhood memories, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, going back to school enthusiasm, the joy of watching rusty leaves falling to the ground and so forth… However great it can feel to put on the warm sweaters, to some it’s rather hard to put aside the shorts, hitchhiking gear and sunglasses. Moreover, with the coming of the cold season, you must reconsider your skin care regimen. “Is my skin too dry? Have I been using proper products this summer? Was my sunblock efficient? How will my skin adjust to the cold breeze?”

  1. Reconsider your exfoliation method

Oil-based scrubs are ideal during the cold season, as they not only exfoliate your skin, removing the excessive build-up of dead cells, but they also hydrate your skin with essential oils (e.g. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish).

  1. Change your shower gel ASAP!

Not only will you be changing your summer options, looking for better, improved alternatives for the coming season, but you will also look for moisturizing properties in the products. Everybody dislikes chapped, flaky skin and there’s nothing as uncomfortable as its itch and unpleasantness. Our suggestion is to look for soap-free alternatives, creamy formulas of the shower gel. (E.g. Fresh: Milk Bath and Shower Cream)

  1. Pay attention to your body’s signals

Different requirements come with the seasonal changes. From dietary needs, to special care for your skin, hair and nails, your body is permanently calling out for your attention. Remember to take supplements and enrich your diet with fiber and vital nutrients for successfully combating the negative effects of a sunless day!

  1. Don’t forget to moisturize!

Every day, after every shower, either in the evening or in the morning. From the tip of your head to the soles of your feet, wrap every little patch of skin in moisturizing, creamy formulas in order to cast off any potential hazard (dry, chapped skin, peeling nails, split ends, etc.)

  1. Let’s do it ourselves!

Anything home-made is a wonder. Various creams, nutritive serums and masks can be prepared with ingredients you can actually find in your household. Essential oils such as castor, olive, coconut or avocado oil work perfectly in order to re-establishing and fix moisture, whereas honey is a great ally for softening chapped lips.

  1. Protection against harmful free radicals

Talking of moisturizers, you should use one every day in your beauty routine. Face creams enriched with SPF 15 or with even a higher protection factor preserve the sensitive area of the eyes against wrinkle formation and harmful free radicals. (E.g. Clarins: UV Plus Day Screen with SPF 40, Deoproce UV Daily Sun Cream, etc.)

  1. Offer your hands the right amount of attention

Invest in proper products for your nails and hands, e.g. hand cream, cuticle oil, etc. in order to prevent chipped nails and dry hands during the cold season.

  1. Find a physical activity you like

Whether it’s jogging or an indoor activity, try immersing yourself in a pleasant physical activity that will fit your needs! Frequent exercises or mind-body exercises, e.g. tai chi, yoga, etc. not only will get you in great shape, but also will relieve you of stress.

  1. The beauty of your feet

Often neglected, the feet are an important part of our bodies, most “exploited” as we always need them; for standing, walking, jumping and running. Exfoliate them on a regular basis and pamper them with a rich moisturizer. Treat the soles of your feet in time before they form pesky calluses!

  1. Smile

Lastly, the true secret to perfect beauty is happiness. Spend time with your dear ones, with your relatives and friends, doing fun activities together and enjoy the fascinating colors of this 2015’s fall!