Pigmentation of the armpits skin area creates a widely discussed topic in the circles of women around the world. Highly distinguished dermatologist Jennifer Reichel states that there are several factors contributing to the formation of darker pigments in the underarms region.

  • Acanthosis Nigricans (a medical skin condition characterized by areas of dark discoloration in the folds and creases of the body, e.g. armpits, nape, groin, etc.), reticular pigmented anomaly of the flexures “Dark Dot disease”
  • Hormonal problems (e.g. increased production of melanin, often caused by birth control pills, pregnancy, etc.)
  • Prolonged use of topical treatments and alcohol-based antiperspirants
  • Poor ventilation and sweating of the underarms
  • Allergic reaction to creams, antiperspirants, etc.

The underarms discoloration is sometimes a trait of genetics or it can develop in time at persons with increased age. Luckily, nowadays there are plenty discovered homemade treatments involving natural ingredients that represent a safe and effective method combating the dark pigmentation of the armpits skin area.

No. 1 – Cucumber

Cucumbers have natural bleaching properties which make them ideal in the treatment of dark skin patches, such as the underarms skin area. Harmless, effective and fast, used as a paste (e.g. turmeric, lemon juice, grated cucumber) or in slices and used several times a day they will show improved results in no-time.

No. 2 – Baking Soda

Baking soda has long been used as a bleaching and odor removal agent. Able to effectively clean surfaces, lighten skin and teeth, as well as remove stains and freckles, baking soda is a great natural scrub for exfoliating the dead skin cells found in the underarm region.

No. 3 – Vinegar

With its strong antiseptic properties, vinegar is a top remedy for lighting underarm skin and killing bacteria. Mixed with graham flour and lemon juice into a smooth paste, it can be applied onto the armpits for removing foul odor and dark skin areas.

No. 4 – Potato

The bleaching properties of potatoes aren’t as acidic as those of lemons, meaning they won’t be a cause of skin irritation. With circular movements, rub a slice of potato on your armpits or create a homemade paste of several natural ingredients (e.g. graham flour, potato, honey) and allow it to dry from ten to fifteen minutes, after which you may rinse it off with tepid water.

No. 5 – Coconut Oil

By massaging coconut oil into the underarm skin two times a day, you can significantly reverse the dark discoloration. Hypoallergenic, with antibacterial properties and rich in vitamin E, coconut oil is a natural antiperspirant, very effective in the dark skin pigmentation treatment.