Surely if you were ever interested in weight loss you have heard about Weight Watchers. They are one of the most well-known worldwide organizations in this industry this is due to the fact that they have efficient weight loss programs.

Weight Watchers has diets that work for both men and women and are based on a point system. So what’s with the point system you ask? Well these programs attribute value to food, meaning that a certain food has a number of points, for example an apple has 0 points, one slice of cooked pork however has 6 points. The points of each food are added up and must not exceed a daily total, based on your current weight, the amount of daily exercise you do and other factors.

I have researched the issue a bit and found various sites where you can calculate the points of the foods you are thinking of eating during a day, so you know that you do not exceed that said limit. I will leave the link for it here:

I also found another link, on Wikihow on how to exactly calculate the points in 12 steps, for each gender and daily routine, there is even a video on point calculating:

If you feel that this doesn’t help you decide on what to eat, I found a Weight Watchers 7 day meal plan that apply to men and will surely give an idea on how to proceed further.