During the winter our complexion must be protected more than usual because the cold air can really do a number on our appearance. There are plenty of tips for the perfect makeup, depending on the colour of your eyes and hair. But in the following you will find out the steps you should follow in order to have a wonderful makeup in the cold season.

As it is well known that your skin tends to get dry you are advised to use a mild exfoliant once or twice a week after which you should apply a moisturizer. Drinking lots of water helps you hydrate so it’s very important to do so all the time, not only in winter. You also have to pay great attention to cleansing as it is recommended that you don’t use foaming or alcohol-based cleansers, but those that have a more milky texture. And don’t forget to wipe that off with cotton pads or makeup removal tissues.

You already know that the foundation must be applied after a layer of moisturizer has been applied as well. During the winter you could use a tinted moisturizer so the effect would be stronger. You shouldn’t forget about sunscreen either, because the UV rays play their part the entire year. So be sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside and it has to be at least SPF 30.

Before going outside, especially if the weather is rough, you have to use a richer  moisturizer for better protection and to cover your head as much as you can. Wear a hoodie, a scarf, a hat and don’t expose your face too much. And if the weather causes you makeup meltdowns, use waterproof mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow so you will still look great.

I prefer pressed powder than loose powder because it helps you keep the makeup in its place. I’m sure that you have found foundation or powder on your clothes before, so try this and enjoy the results.

Another big problem we face in the winter are cracked lips. It’s annoying, painful and unaesthetic. But I will tackle that subject in another blog article with details…

Blush is very important because it makes you look more alive. For fair skin, a peachy shade is recommended and for darker skin you should use warm shades to help your face look more beautiful.

Winter makeup can be really fun and work wonders if you follow some simple steps that you get used to in no time. For many of you applying makeup is a pleasure as it is known that makeup is art, and a very interesting one if you get the hang of it. There are so many possibilities in makeup, so many combinations of colours and I am sure that it will be a delight for each one of you to find out some of the secrets I am ready to share with you.

In matters of lipstick you should know that during winter, a shade that is closer to your skin tone is recommended. If you want to wear a nude colour, you can try a natural lip gloss, the Pink Jasmine shade if you want a little colour, or Burgundy. For pink shades you can try the Fuchsia, Pink Sorbet or Raspberry. If you want red, try Cranberry or Cherry. It all depends on your hair and eye colour, but your eyebrows are also important. So there are many combinations of colours, but you can always contact a trained Colour Consultant and you will not regret it.

The shades for your blush can be in accordance to the mood or you can choose from lighter shades such as Cyclamen and English Rose and medium to darker shades such as Wild Rose and Cool Spice.

When it comes to eyeliner you can apply shades of green and dark blue such as Grape, Smoke and Forest. For eye shadow shades you can choose from lighter colours such as Jasmine and all the way to Silver and Dusk. These are of course some examples of shades that work well not only just in the winter, but you can make all the combinations you want and with these tips I am sure that your winter makeup will be appreciated.