Whether you are planning this summer to spend your vacation on a beach, go sightseeing or just enjoy good music at a summer festival, you should not forget about the essential kit tool bag, supplied with all the necessary beauty tools for a good look, no matter the weather or other circumstances. Usually when I plan a trip or a vacation I make sure to include in my kit tool bag a cordless flat iron that helps me maintain my hairdo and adjust it when I want.

There are a lot of brands from which you can choose your favorite. The important thing when choosing a cordless flat iron is to make sure the one you select suits you best – check its battery life (choose a more resistant one if you are planning to go camping), size (depending on your travel bag), heat controlled temperatures (the right temperature is determined by the type of hair) and, of course, price, which should match the quality of the flat iron. As I consider it to be one of the essential tools in a every girl’s travel bag, I want to recommend you the best of the cordless flat irons, that will, as in my case, save you time, energy and give your hair a touch up on the go at any time and place.

One of the best wireless hairstyling tools is the Sarah Potempa The Jet-Setter Cordless Styling Iron. Its pink and tiny design – 8 inches long, incorporates three different heat settings, meaning you could adjust the right temperature for your hair. Also, you can use it about 30 minutes after a full charge. This model is the best option for the girls with short or medium hair and it costs £63.66.

If you are a beginner in hairstyling and flat irons, the best option is the Ignis Cordless Ceramic Flat Iron, also with a small design and very easy to use. This brand does not include different heat settings, which is a disadvantage, but it’s very affordable (only £28.84) and it has a base charger instead of a battery.

A more professional cordless flat iron is the Andrew Collinge Cordless Salon Shine Straightener that will not only straighten your hair, but also give it a glow, by enhancing the hair’s natural shine. Although a bit heavier than the Sarah Potempa’s flat iron, this model will heat in just 30 seconds and has an extra option of switching off by itself, so you should never worry about leaving it unsupervised. It has a battery lasting up to an hour and a friendly price of only £21.49.

Another professional choice is the CHI Escape Cordless Styling Iron, a solution for touch ups and on go styling. Its unique technology allows getting the desired results fast and easy. For example, this model incorporates a temperature control button, meaning that the temperature can be adjusted according to different types of hair. Also, there is a special function – thermal travel pouch, suggesting that there is no need to wait for the iron to cool down before packing it.

If you are not in the mood of charging batteries, for example at a festival, I recommend the Conair Pro Cordless ThermaCell Straightener. Besides its compact size, it is budget-friendly, battery-free and can be used anywhere. You just need to refill the replaceable Thermacell butane gas cartridge, that will last you about a month or two and that costs only £6.43.

Regardless which one of these you decide suits you best, make sure that you benefit from your choice and that no matter the circumstances or the vacation spot you choose, your hair is looking great and fabulous.