So you’ve got yourself a gorgeous sun-kissed skin, sexy beach waves, a perfectly toned, beach-ready body, but you still feel like there’s something missing from the picture? Then you should definitely go for some eye-popping, bold lips! They will instantly boost your self-confidence, adding the WOW effect to your new summery look! Now here’s some priceless tips and tricks on how to apply bold lipstick so that you can rock your statement lip look from morning to dawn with very few touch-ups:

 STEP 1: It’s all about… prepping! Don’t just rush in to apply layers and layers of boldly colored lipstick before you’ve taken the two golden steps of lip prepping: exfoliating and moisturizing. Use a lip exfoliator if you have one, if not, you can as well rely on your toothbrush for removing the dead skin or gently massage them with a DIY lip scrub made of sugar and lip balm.

 STEP 2: Moisturize, moisturize, then… moisturize some more! That’s right, it’s time you pampered your lips with deep-nourishing lip balm now, getting yourself soft, kissable lips (no expensive, luxury lipstick could possibly guarantee you full, sexy lips when applied on chapped lips, that’s for sure!)

 STEP 3: Applying some translucent powder (just a tiny bit) on your lips is what any professional make-up artist would teach you! It’s the ultimate “magical” trick that will ensure that lipstick stays in place for hours on end!

 STEP 4: Outline that “work of art” that you’re planning to paint (using a vibrant color) on your pout with a wisely chosen liner. Pick it in a shade close to the one of your lipstick, preferably a slightly lighter one and then start lining your lips. Feel free to go deeper and deeper, using the liner to fill in the lips. A bit intrigued about this last trick? Well, the trick is that there’s no trick: applying lip liner onto your lips (and not just for strictly outlining them) will ensure you perfectly colored lips even when your lipstick starts to slowly fade away (you won’t get that nasty look with pale lips, with no lipstick on, and yet boldly outlined).

 STEP 5: And now your moment of glory: taking your lips out of anonymity and putting them right into the spotlights with a bold lipstick in the color of your choice: orange, strawberry red, magenta, coral, fuchsia and the list can go on and on. Layering is the key! Apply the first layer, then blot using a tissue, then apply the second layer. There you have your statement lips, the must-adopt signature look of the summer!

 STEP 6:  Is it necessary to add that going for a long-lasting lipstick, which might be a bit more pricey than the usual drugstore ones, but which will make all the difference, is THE key “trick” which, if you underestimate, all the other 5 above mentioned ones become useless?

 What do you say, would you give these tricks on how to apply bold lipstick a try, thus overcoming your fear of eye-catching, neon lip colors?