Facial Care

Easy home remedies for acne

Acne is a skin condition that mainly affects the face and neck, shoulders, chest and back. The skin is covered with pores and small openings through which the hair follicle grows. When these are exposed to a certain type of environment, activity or due to hormonal imbalances, they get clogged with oil and sebum, due to the high activity of the sebaceous glands, dead skin cells and other impurities. Blackheads

Best anti-ageing eye creams

If you want your skin to look young for a longer period of time you have to take into consideration every aspect that helps you take greater care of yourself. The fine lines and wrinkles that appear in the area surrounding your eyes could make you feel very uncomfortable. You will want to stay indoors more because you haven’t found a way to get rid of them. There are some

My top facial skin care products

I have been trying out various skin care products along the line of 2014 and have managed to find some of the best day creams for under 20 £. I have found also some of the best and most expensive creams like a 200£ 50g bottle, which is too much for me so I tried to find the best options for my budget, which may suit yours too, so here