How much hair product you should use

Hair products come in different shapes and sizes. Their aim is to moisture, straighten, curl, protect against heat, UV light, etc. Although good, it’s still advised to use only a certain quantity of them, as the excess could make the hair greasy and weigh too much on it. – Hair Mousse: In order to evenly apply the mousse on every streak of hair, it is best to divide the hair

Rejuvenation effect with the right hair color

There is a large palette of hair colors and what may fit some wearers may not fit others. They range from warm, sunny tones to cooler and progressively darker shades. They fall into two major categories : natural and unnatural. The former refers to hair colors that occur naturally within people (e.g blonde, brown, dark, red) and the latter including eccentric colors that can only be obtained through dying, highlighting,