Chic Beauty Tips

6 Steps You Should Skip When Washing Your Hair

Washing your hair everyday Possibly the worst thing you can do, as the hair is stripped of its natural oils. By leaving more time between washes, the nutrients and oils can spread from the scalp to the ends of the hair, making it silkier, softer and healthier! Frequent washing dehydrates the hair, leaving it brittle and dull. By shampooing it once or twice a week and using less hair products

Fuller Lips At Home

Full, sensuous lips aren’t always a trait of birth and so, many women resort to surgery for attaining the desired result. Whether it’s surgery or Botox injections, the best methods for attaining satisfactory results are make-up, lip exercises, natural treatments and of course, genetics. Step no. 1 – Begin by gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush in order to delicately exfoliate them. This will make them smoother by stimulating

Hairstyling Hacks You Cannot Live Without

Not everybody is able to successfully attain a desired hairstyle. In fact, most women find it hard to make certain types of braids or achieve texture, shine and volume at the same time. Although many products are available on the market, sometimes tricks are required for attaining the best result and therefore a glamorous hairstyle. The following list will offer you several tips and hacks for everyday use. Don’t forget

Salt can make you beautiful

A money-saving beauty tips and tricks fan? Then it’s time you… salted your beauty ritual! That’s right, SALT is the “holly grail” of the kitchen cupboard beauty ingredients; it will help you achieve that radiant, flawless look that celebrities usually spend fortunes on. Here are some of the main beauty uses of this budget-friendly, all-natural ingredient: It’s a blackhead buster – Put together a “wonder” mixture of Epsom salt (a

Shaving your Legs the Right Way and with the Proper Tools

Firstly, find a good women’s razor (e.g. Gillette Venus Embrace, Bic Soleil Bella Disposables). Aim to buy a razor with a replaceable head or a simply get a disposable razor for maintaining proper hygiene. Bear in mind that you may use the former for as much as ten shaves, after which it is advised to be changed, due to the possible agglomeration of bacteria and other impurities. The blade should

How to Rock the New Granny Chic Look

The new Granny Chic look has been trending for some months now, replacing ombre hairstyles and lavender hair colors. Within this article we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most important steps in attaining the perfect granny look! Step 1. Think Crochet Nothing says granny more than embroideries and sweaters. Surely you will rock the look by wearing crocheted sweaters, matched with old school jackets and

Dry Skin Home Remedies that Actually Work

In case you’ve been wondering, dry skin is in fact a very common skin condition, triggered by various reasons – which I’m going to exemplify in the following article. In essence, the skin loses its moisture and ability to secrete enough natural oils. Most commonly, it is experienced during wintertime due to the contrast between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. However, this is not always the

Quickly fix your split ends

Split ends are an annoyance to anyone and no matter the age, occupation, type or length of hair, one is always at risk of experiencing them. Split ends happen when the outer layer of the hair strand is damaged due to external factors (heat, UV light, cold, excess combing, dry air, clothing, etc.). Split ends are a major issue, almost always obliging women to have a radical trim. Well, you

How much hair product you should use

Hair products come in different shapes and sizes. Their aim is to moisture, straighten, curl, protect against heat, UV light, etc. Although good, it’s still advised to use only a certain quantity of them, as the excess could make the hair greasy and weigh too much on it. – Hair Mousse: In order to evenly apply the mousse on every streak of hair, it is best to divide the hair

Make-up Hacks YOU should know

Make-up can be addictive and has been blamed to be a strain by many, however, it’s been deemed to enhance natural beauty and highlight some features that otherwise can pass unnoticed. The following list will offer some easy makeup hacks that you can apply right away, to make things easier and more accessible! Step one: Eye makeup A Kohl pencil eyeliner can be transformed into a gel liner by warming